Roth Park Nature Trail

Running season is back on!

I love exploring new trails and taking pictures along the way.

Let’s visit Roth Park in Woodstock, Ontario for the first Photographic Running Tour of the season.

This trail is very accessible. There is a paved trail that is good for strollers and rollerblades.

I love that there is a nature trail running alongside it as well. This symmetrical forest was really interesting to run through.

There were all sorts of dirt trails to explore.

I took a short trail right to this small beach. I didn’t stop long to admire the view. I just snapped a picture and continued my run.

I love all of the different terrain at this park. The only downside is that the trail is fairly flat. I enjoy running up and down hills. But I also enjoy running alongside the waterfront.

I really love thin trails along the water. The sounds of the city fade completely away and all I hear is nature and the pounding of my feet hitting the trail. Nothing better than that!

There is a nice picnic pavilion here as well. Looks like a great place to spend an afternoon.

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