30 Disappointing Moments from Star Trek Into Darkness

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We are going through Star Trek Into Darkness and looking at the 30 Disappointing moments in the film.

Here are the 30 Things Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness.

11) Weird Photon Torpedoes 

Scotty didn’t want these new weapons being loaded onto the ship. He refused to sign for them and Kirk fired him over it. There was obvious foreshadowing here but it could have been much better done.

12) Sulu takes the Con

We all know that Sulu gets his own command in Star Trek VI so the joke about him sitting in the captains chair makes the Trekkie in all of us smile. But to me, it seemed like the first of many gimmicks in this film.

Star Trek, at its best, was never about gimmicks. It has smart writing. So far, this film has been completely lazy.

We are now up to the 40 minute mark of the film.

13) Spock and Uhura’s fight

I don’t understand why these two were given a love story in the first movie of this reboot. Their lovers’ tiff seems like a cheap way for the writers to explore Spock’s Vulcan heritage. Once again, this is rushed. It could have been much better served with a fleshed out opening sequence.

14) Khan beams himself to the Klingon homeworld after another act of terrorism

This wasn’t even possible in the time of The Next Generation. It is so completely absurd but I can actually give them this one since it was kind of set up in the 2009 film.

15) The Klingons wear face armor???

Klingons are a honor-bound and pride race of warriors. I cannot even fathom them wearing face armor. It goes against everything the Klingons have ever stood for in every other incarnation of Star Trek.

16) Uhura speaks Klingon???

Since when?

17) Khan kills an entire squad of armor-laden Klingons single-handedly.

Once again, these are Klingons. Khan might have been smarter and stronger than the average human but taking down so many Klingons alone, still doesn’t make any sense.

18) Klingons don’t look like Klingons.

We do see one of them remove the face armor and he doesn’t look anything like the Klingons we know from either old films or TNG series.

19) Khan surrenders when he learns how many photon torpedoes are on the Enterprise.

And no one on the ship or on the away team has the fainest clue why. Everyone with half a brain in the audience does though.

20) A Tribble. Really?

Let’s take iconic characters and moments from the original and throw them into this movie for no good reason.

That Tribble didn’t need to be there.

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