June 2022

  • Daddy J (of DOPEfm) on WIB Rap Radio #525

    Back in 2008, I got my start on radio on a show called DOPEfm. That show has been on the air for over 20 years now and Daddy J still holds it down on the Hamilton, Ontario airwaves on 93.3 CFMU. This week, his show is also running as part of my program. It’s kind […]

  • Reading in a Digital World with My Brain

    I’m not writing detailed posts about every book I read anymore. Trying to free up some time for more creative pursuits. So, here are a few quick thoughts on my latest reads. Welcome to Your Child’s Brain by Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang This book didn’t give me an y magical insights into what is […]

  • Something About Lozen (Word is Bond Rap Radio #524)

    Friend of the program, Lozen, calls in to talk about her new single, writing and recording music through and post-pandemic, and what the future has in store. And of course, I have a great opening set to kick things off.  Chase March & Unlearn – Word is BondTre Capital & Khrysis – Sometimes I Hate […]

  • Forest City London Music Week – Hip Hop Show

    We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Forest City London Music Awards with a week-long celebration of local music. London Live is just one of the events and it is going down this Wednesday June 22nd across multiple venues and covering several different genres of music. Of course, I’ll be holding down the turntables for the official Hip Hop […]

  • That Bitter Sweet Feeling as the School Year Closes

    The school year drawing to a close often leaves me with a feeling of melancholy. It’s hard to explain exactly why. I tried my best to do that with this song. I hope the bitter sweet feeling comes through in the lyrics and the soulful hook sung by the apologette. This single also comes with […]

  • Word Is Bond + Jelli’s Underground

    I’m used to interviewing artists – but today, I’m on the other side of the microphone.  You might have already caught this interview as it has been featured on YouTube and various podcast platforms. I edited episode 33 of Jelli’s Underground so it plays better on the radio. You can catch it in hour two […]

  • Captivated by Sound – The Listeners

    The Listeners by Jordan Tannahill As you can see, old habits die hard. I planned to free up some time by not writing lengthy posts about every book I read, but I still did that with the last book and was planning to do it with this one too. The problem is, I have a […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – Taking It Back 500

    I was going through the archives of the show and realized that a few of the early episodes of Word is Bond Rap Radio are missing. Episodes 1-5 and 24 onward are all fine and streaming on Mixcloud. Episodes 6-23 are missing.  I searched all my drives and couldn’t find them. I did, however, come […]

  • Green Lantern Season Two

    Green Lantern Season Two: Volume 1 and 2 I don’t know what it is exactly, but Green Lantern has been in a lull for a little while now when it comes to the comics. I couldn’t even remember reading Season One when I picked up these two graphic novels from the public library. That’s mostly […]