January 2022

  • Tape 104 – April 21, 1997 (Mastermind Street Jam)

    I’m getting close to the end of my collection of Mastermind Street Jam tapes. This is Tape 104 and was recorded off the radio back on April 21, 1997. Featuring music by . . . 3rd Bass, Big Mike, Cappadonna, Da Brat, Down To Erf, Foxy Brown, GZA, High & Mighty, Jay-Z, Jungle Brothers, Mad […]

  • The Classic Island Worth Visiting (From Your Book Shelf)

    The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G. Wells This is one of the classics of modern literature. It’s a book that is often referenced in popular culture. It is also where a 90s rap group got their name. All of these were good reasons to finally read it. It was a pretty good read even […]

  • She’s The Black Widow

    Black Widow: Volume 2 – I Am The Black Widow This series is off to a great start. I picked up Volume 1 from the library a few weeks ago and grabbed this one on my next visit. It’s a great read for anyone who is a fan of the character and it is a […]

  • Episode 501 – maticulous (NO CAPS)

    maticulous is a producer who has worked with a lot of great emcees. His latest album is entitled “No Caps” to emphasize how he spells his name. It was a pleasure to chop it up with him on the program again.  I start off the show with a mix of his music and then we […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Tape 103 (Date Unknown)

    As I get near the end of my collection of Mastermind Street Jam episodes, I started to get a little less organized. I don’t have a tracklist for this one or the original J-card so I’m not sure when it aired. But I just played it myself so I could tell you what artists are […]

  • How Other Cultures Can Inform Education in North America

    A Mirror For Americans: What the East Asian Experience Tells Us about Teaching Students Who Excel by Cornelius N. Grove Many of us think that school needs to be a certain way. But the way schools operate in different parts of the world is vastly different from the way they do here in Canada and […]

  • Television Doesn’t Get More Perfect Than This

    There are a number of televisions shows that hold a special place in my heart. These shows have something special that can be hard to quantify. Maybe it is the writing. Perhaps it is the chemistry between the actors. Maybe it’s the powerful storytelling. Most likely, it is a combination of all of the above. […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio: Episode 500 – The Gold Chain Edition

    Here it is! Episode 500 of Word is Bond Rap Radio. We had to celebrate this one in a big way. Unfortunately, the live concert had to be shelved due to Covid, but that wasn’t going to stop us from marking this milestone in a unique way. I designed a Hip Hop trivia game in […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Tape 102 (Oct 14, 1996)

    Tape 102 of my collection of Mastermind Street Jam episodes. This one is from October 14, 1996. Freshly digitized for you! Featuring music by . . . B-Real, Busta Rhymes, Chubb Rock, Coolio, De La Soul, Ghostface, Jay-Z, Jeru the Damaja, K-os, LL Cool J, Mother Nature, Method Man, Mobb Deep, Real LIve, Queen Latifah, […]

  • A Style Guide for Indigenous Writing

    Elements of Indigenous Style : A Guide For Writing By And About Indigenous Peoples by Gregory Younging This book is the first of its kind and a much needed reference tool for authors, writers, and creators to make sure they are using culturally appropriate publishing practices. If you are writing about Indigenous Peoples in any […]