May 2021

  • Chase March – Events

    This page will keep you up to date with my gigs, concerts, and special events. It also includes concert reviews for shows that I have attended.

  • Comics & Graphic Novels

    I love reading comic books and graphic novels. This section of the blog is all about the different books I have read and any other related thoughts on sequential art.

  • Chasing the Best Content

    At the start of each month I look back at the blog entries I posted the previous year in that month and highlight some of my favourites. This gives us a chance to dig through the old posts and unearth some gems that might otherwise get buried in the archives. It’s time for Chasing Content!

  • Running with Chase March

    Cross country running is one of my favourite activities. I love exploring a new trail, taking some pictures, and sharing my journey with you. Hopefully, you will discover a new trail to explore with these photographic tours.

  • Website Renovation Time

    The official site of Chase March is being renovated. Sorry for the mess.

  • Eternia Throwback Interview (Word is Bond)

    I am a huge fan of Eternia and have had her on my radio show several times over the years. The very first time I had the chance to sit down and talk with her was back in 2010 backstage at The Opera House in Toronto just before she took the stage for her album […]

  • Celebrating Hip-Hop

    I love hip-hop music and culture and will continue to champion and celebrate it with book reviews, podcasts, articles, upcoming events, and more.

  • Chase March DJs

    I share my passion for DJing here. You will find posts on any upcoming concerts I will be performing at, news about my radio show, and  highlights on any technology or gear.

  • Chase March Writes

    I have written screenplays, novels, and am working on a few different projects. I share my passion for writing with advice, tips, and book reviews for writers. This page will also feature any works in progress and samples of my work.

  • Chase March Teaches

    As an educator who loves to share tips for teachers both inside and outside the classroom, you can follow this page to find all my education-related posts. You will find tips, tricks, lesson plans, inspiration, and more.