October 2020

  • 40 tracks of 2020 on Word is Bond Rap Radio

    I like to freestyle my mixsets and hadn’t planned for this to happen, but last night on the show I spun 40 brand new tracks. It just happened to be Episode #440 as well. So we have 40 songs from 2020 in episode 440. The symmetry is beautiful isn’t it? Press play, enjoy the show, […]

  • How to Talk to Kids

    How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish This book is a classic and I knew I had to reread it because I was sure there were bits of wisdom in it that I had forgotten or just needed to reinforce. Here are some […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Kicking in 1996 with a Bang!

    Every Monday and Tuesday night at midnight, we got some great hip-hop mixed live on the radio by DJ Mastermind. It was pretty much required listening back in the day and I am proud to share these tapes of one of the best radio shows ever; The Mastermind Street Jam. Click on the picture to […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – Quiet Trip

    Word is Bond Rap Radio is still being recorded from my home studio while the radio station continues to be under quarantine. But I love to keep the tunes bumping every single week. If you have a request or want to interact with us online, find us on Facebook or comment on a Twitter post or […]

  • There’s Power in Daily Practice

    The Power of Daily Practice by Eric Maisel I love taking notes when I read. If I own the book, I underline key passages and make notes in the margins. If I am borrowing the book from the library, I take notes on a single sheet of paper that I also use as a bookmark. […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Tape 34

    Here’s a super phat edition of the Mastermind Street Jam that was live on Energy 108 (107.9 fm) back on December 19, 1995. It features new tracks (at the time) by Bahamadian, EPMD, Das Efx, Gza, LL cool J, Mad Lion, Method Man, and more. Check the J-card for the full tracklist of this great […]

  • Is the Librarian the Borrower or the Borrowed?

    The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai Lucy Hull is a children’s librarian in a small town who finds herself in an impossible situation when one of her favourite patrons runs away from home. Ian Drake in only ten years old but he is wise beyond his years. He loves reading and getting his hands on books […]

  • The Silent Edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio

    This is The Silent Edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. It features tracks about silence, peace, and quiet. Dallas Taylor lets us know What Silence Can Teach You About Sound and we look at rap songs that have noticeable rests in them. You can even hear John Cage’s infamous 4:33 in this episode of the show. […]

  • The Best TV Shows Of All-Time (According to Me)

    Well, that didn’t last long. I just updated this list two months ago, but I forgot about a show that I declared to be my new favourite show back in 2015. I can’t believe I didn’t include it in this list. I have now rectified that. My Top 10 All Time Favourite TV Shows! 1) Everwood […]

  • Rita – Perfect Television

    I discovered this foreign language television show on Netflix five years ago entitled Rita and absolutely fell in love with it. At the time, there were only three seasons available to watch on Netflix and I thought that was the complete series. Fortunately, Netflix informs you of new seasons of shows you have watched so […]