August 2020

  • The Beatbox Edition of Mastermind Street Jam

    Here’s a special beatbox edition of The Mastermind Street Jam that features tracks from . . . Biz Markie, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ft Ready C, BDP, Skinny Boys, Fat Boys, Stestasonic, and more! Also new music by Busta Rhymes, remixes from Erick Sermon and LL Cool J. (well, it was new […]

  • Capone N Dillinger on WIB Rap Radio

    Capone N Dillinger is a brand new group consisting of two veterans in the hip-hop game. It’s interesting to see this collaboration since CNN and Tha Dogg Pound had a beef on wax back in the 1990s. We had some technical difficulties but still managed to get them both on our phone lines to talk […]

  • The Best TV Shows of All-Time

    My list of favourite T.V. shows hasn’t changed much since I first wrote it over ten years ago. I started out with a Top 5 List but had to revise it when a new show won me over. Well, it has happened again. This show just narrowly missed being in my Top 5. I am starting to […]

  • M’Chigeeng Trail

    The M’Chigeeng Hiking Trail is located on First Nations’ land on Manitoulin Island. The trail starts off rather rocky and runs uphill for quite some time. The run was worth it just for this beautiful rocky terrain. But it gets even nicer at the top. The trail markers are easy to follow all the way […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – Tape 26 (Nov ’95)

    A live hip-hop mixshow on commercial radio that played real hip-hop? In the 1990s? From Canada? If you don’t know, now you know! This show broke new records and helped me grow my cassette and CD collection. DJ Mastermind spun some of the best hip-hop records ever made on this show. I have digitized my […]

  • Who is Biggie Smalls? (WIB Rap Radio Exclusive)

    Quick question – Do you know who Biggie Smalls is? Have you heard any of his music? I doubt you have. I hadn’t prior to beginning research on the last edition of Know Your History, where I looked at rappers that had the same name as other musicians. I was going to get into Biggie […]

  • Bridal Veil Falls

    Bridal Veil Falls is located in a small village on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. I spent some time on the island last week and wanted to find a few interesting places to run. This definitely fit the bill. Here you can see the Kagawong River which flows from Lake Kagawong to the North Channel of […]

  • False Urgency

    A Fake Sense of Urgency

    We are constantly bombarded with information. We get text messages, social media alerts, and emails that we feel need to be attended to. It’s hard to ignore a ringing phone or beeping alert. Our devices can seem to hold us prisoner. We are at their beck and call. But is this a good thing? In […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam (Tape 25)

    The Mastermind Street Jam was broadcast every week on Energy 108 (107.9fm) and it served the Hamilton and Toronto, ON. Canada area and beyond. Here’s an episode that I taped off the radio back in 1995. It features classic hip-hop jams that were brand new at the time. This was one of the freshest hip-hop […]

  • Why do So Many Rappers Have the Same Name?

    Know Your History is a documentary series that gets in-depth about hip-hip history and culture. Hosted by Chase March, this program has been a regular segment on DOPEfm and Word is Bond Rap Radio for over ten years. In this edition of the show, we look closely at rappers that have the same name as […]