July 2020

  • Keep Marching (WIBRapRadio #427)

    Last night Word is Bond Rap Radio featured two hours of underground hip-hop with that boom-bap aesthetic. We didn’t have any interviews and delivered some classic and brand new joints mixed by yours truly, Chase March. Remember to keep marching for what is right. Black Lives Matter. Let’s never forget that. Chase March – Word […]

  • I Surrender (Can I Raise a White Flag?)

    Surrender, White People!: Our Unconditional Terms for Peace by D.L. Hughley and Doug Moe I’m not sure it’s appropriate to wave a white flag right now, but I truly believe that we need to surrender under the conditions that D.L. Hughley and Doug Moe lay out for us in this brilliant book. So here it […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – November 7, 1995

    Last week’s edition of the Mastermind Street Jam throwback was from Monday November 6th, 1995; the first time the show aired in its new time slot. Instead of a two-hour long show once a week, the program was split into two and ran Monday and Tuesday nights at midnight. This episode is the second hour […]

  • Long Overdue – Chokeules on Word is Bond Radio

    Chokeules just dropped his twentieth project, Nepotism, in as many years. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time. It’s a crime that it has taken me this long to get him on the program. We start off this episode of Word is Bond Rap Radio with a half hour mix of his […]

  • Mastermind Street Jam – New Time Slot

    This is Tape 21 of my collection of The Mastermind Street Jam that I taped off the radio back on November 6th 1995. It was the first episode of the show in it’s new time slot. Mondays and Tuesdays at 12:00 a.m. Midnight. The two hour format on Saturdays was excellent. This late night burial […]

  • Lak and Capone kicking it on Word is Bond

    Capone (of Capone and Noreaga) has teamed up with Lak (pronounced “Lock”) to drop a new EP entitled Wolves. They both called in to Word is Bond Rap Radio to discuss the new project, hip-hop history, positive lyrics, and much more. You know, we had to kick off the show with some CNN classics and a […]

  • Golden Era Hip-Hop Radio (Mastermind Street Jam)

    The Mastermind Street Jam was golden-era hip-hop radio at its finest. It was required listening and thanks to the invention of blank cassette tapes, it was something I could listen to again and again. Now you can too, thanks to this thing called the Internet. I even did a tracklisting for this one. It’s on […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – More Rugged

    Word is Bond Rap Radio continues to come at you from my underground bunker while the Covid-19 restrictions are still in place. This one features straight music. No interviews this week. Catch the show live every week on 94.9 CHRW Radio Western, Thursdays from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 am EST. All 424 episodes are available […]

  • Another Trip Around the Sun – Chasing July

    It’s been an entire year since these posts were first published here on my blog. This is probably a good time to take look back at them. Read all of the posts from last July or just these cool ones The Sun is Also a Star (And it Shines) This was a great read that […]

  • My New Favourite Show – Stargirl

    I hadn’t planned to watch Stargirl. I was getting a little burnt out with all of the superhero television shows. After the Crisis crossover event, I felt like I needed a break. I went into the pilot of the series with some reluctance, but it quickly won me over and continues to do so every […]