February 2020

  • The Pirate Planet – The way it was Meant to be Told

    Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet by James Goss from a Douglas Adams story Douglas Adams got his first television writing credit for this story in the 16th series of Doctor Who. He had a very elaborate story in mind and left behind several drafts and notes for how he envisioned it. The four episodes that […]

  • All the Way Live (Episode #403 of WIB Rap Radio)

    The station computer was down this week so I couldn’t run ads or promo spots. This meant that I had to do a full three-hour show without any commercial interruption. It also gave me a chance to play a lot of songs. I hope you enjoyed it. The podcast of the show will now be […]

  • Mastermind Mondays – Tape #1 of The Mastermind Street Jam

    Mastermind Street Jam was a radio show on Energy 108 (107.9fm) that served the Hamilton, Burlington, and Toronto areas in the mid to late 1990s. This hip-hop mixshow was required listening. It was unique because it was on commercial radio Saturdays from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. It then moved to Monday and Tuesday nights from […]

  • Communication Tools

    Use the Right Communication Tool

    “I have found that once people have texting, chat, and email available, they stick with them even when they suspect that these are not the right tools for the job. Why? They are convenient. They make us feel in control. But when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and less in control, our relationships, creativity, […]

  • The Magic of Creativity

    Sometimes when I am writing or creating, it feels like I am merely the channel that helps the work express itself. There has always been a magic to creativity. In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert explain it like this . . . “I am referring to the supernatural, the mystical, the inexplicable, the surreal, […]

  • A Black Woman Created This Tour – Rapsody in Detroit

    On Friday, Rapsody brought her A Black Woman Created This tour to Detroit and it was an amazing show. The duo, Better in Black, kicked off the festivities with a short set that captured the audience’s attention. Nappi Devi is seen above on the right and Junii is on the left. It was nice to see a […]

  • Kicking it with The Good People

    Saint and Emskee of The Good People call in for an in-depth interview on Word is Bond Rap Radio. Before the chat, I kick off the show with a half-hour mix of their music and then top it all off with  some great new hip-hop. This is episode #402 of the show and it looks […]

  • Great Picture Books

    I’ve have been reading a lot of picture books to my little Gizmo over the past year. Most are completely unremarkable. Some are absolutely terrible. And a sparse few are fantastic. Here are two of them that deserve to be on your bookshelf if you have young children or teach them. The Doghouse by Jan […]

  • The Walking Dead Saga Ends

    The Walking Dead: Volume 32 – Rest in Peace I had no idea that this series was coming to an end. The creators didn’t announce the historic last issue and promote the end of an era. They didn’t even try to stretch out the story to finish with issue #200. Instead, they quietly ended the […]

  • Objectivity and Feedback for Writers – The Ultimate Checklist

    The Author’s Checklist: An Agent’s Guide to Developing and Editing Your Manuscript by Elizabeth K. Kracht “Behind every bestselling author . . . is a handful of agents who likely gave that author the feedback they needed to revise and get where they are.” Elizabeth K. Kracht is a literary agent who realized that many […]