December 2019

  • The War Doctor’s Story – Finally Told

    Engines of War by George Mann The Day of the Doctor was a movie event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. It was an incredible experience to share with a group of fans in the cinema. If you know anything about the iconic television series, you will know that a variety of people have […]

  • Dre Specz Kicks Off His Tour in London (Friday)

    Dre Specz is a rapper from Flemingdon Park in Toronto who spent his teenage years in Scarborough. His music reflects the highs and lows he’s experienced in his life. It’s best described as “hardcore street music with a twist of consciousness.” He’s part of GSC (Gully Side Camp), the Mooncrickets Family, Ghetto Govt Officialz, Daredevilz, […]

  • Find Teachers That Speak to You

    “Do you want to study under the great teachers? . . . Well, you can find them anywhere. They live on the shelves of your library; they live on the walls of museums; they live in recordings made decades ago. Your teachers don’t even need to be alive to educate you masterfully.” It is easier […]

  • WIB Rap Radio with special guest Dre Specz

    Dre Specz calls in to The Word is Bond Rap Radio Show to talk about his new album and tour that kicks off in London, Ontario on December 13th. It’s a stacked bill and a concert that you definitely don’t want to miss! Press play and enjoy the underground hip-hop that DJ Chase March provides […]

  • Doctor Who Passes the Baton

    Doctor Who – The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors all have continuing adventures in the comics and they are about to be joined by their newest incarnation. While the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor have new, comics only, companions, the Twelfth Doctor still travels with Bill Potts. They all go […]

  • All Women’s Voices Day (TODAY) Radio Western

    All Women’s Voices is an annual tradition at Radio Western and it is today! This year, it marks the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, the day when 14 women studying at École Polytechnique were murdered by a lone gunman. In remembrance of that terrible event, Radio Western has been programming a special day of […]

  • Someone is Always By Your Side (Two by Two)

    Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks Russ is married to a beautiful woman and seemingly has it all. When the novel opens, he is retelling the story about the birth of their daughter. He admits that she came into the picture a little early in the marriage. And there are signs that things aren’t all […]

  • Superman Dazzles in Issue #1000

    Action Comics #1000 – Deluxe Edition Superman debuted in the first issue of Action Comics back in 1938. It took 80 years, but there are now over 1000 issues of that comic, along with several other Superman series. This is the original though and it’s great to see it being celebrated in graphic novel form. […]

  • Blue’s Clues in School or the Library

    I am so excited that Blue’s Clues is back on television. It has a new host and a new title, Blue’s Clues and You, but it is just as great as it has always been. I wrote this lesson plan for a program I plan to deliver at the public library. I knew if I […]

  • Chasing Content - December

    Last December Rocked!

    2018 wasn’t one of my better years for blogging. I slowed down my output a lot, but in December I picked it back up and published some pretty great posts. It was a great month for Silent Cacophony. Last December rocked! You can read all of the posts from last year at this time or […]