November 2019

  • Mail from Tom Green

    Back in 1991, I saw an amazing video on Much Music from a Canadian group called Organized Rhyme. I was immediately captivated by it and ran out to buy the album on cassette. The album was full of great sampled-based beats, cuts and scratches, and comedic rhymes. The members were Bones, Pin the Chameleon, and […]

  • Let’s Cut Down on Visual & Noise Pollution

    I had to go see a specialist this morning so I brought a book along with me because waiting rooms are normally the perfect place to catch up on a little reading. This one, not so much. When I opened the door to the office, I went directly to the counter to announce my presence […]

  • It’s a SirReal World on Word is Bond

    SirReal World came through the studio to talk about his new album, producing songs, and building a community of artists in the city. He also dropped some bars live. And of course, I spun some great tracks and took requests live. It was a fun show. Hear it again or for the first time. Enjoy! […]

  • Questlove is on a Creative Quest

    Creative Quest by Questlove Questlove is most famous for being the drummer of The Roots, but he is many more things. He is a DJ, a music connoisseur, an avid record collector, a music journalist, and a writer, among other things. His latest book explores creativity in a unique way. Here are some of the […]

  • DJ Chase March Events

    Underground DJ Battle (Thursday)

    Thursday, come catch a DJ battle between Purgatory, Prmtve, and Lang. They are known for spinning EDM and Dubstep and will be going head-to-head-to-head to prove that they have the skills to rock a crowd. Come on out and help us decide who the best DJ of the evening is. And of course, I will […]

  • Unspoken Maxims of Childhood

    “There are unspoken maxims we embrace as children that even the most educated, experienced, advanced adults should never abandon if we want our days to still fascinate and fulfill us.” So writes erik wahl in his book Unthink: rediscover your creative genius. I decided to take a few of his words and write them as […]

  • Summer to Snow – Enjoy the Show

    It’s crazy how quickly the seasons change. It went from unseasonable warm to the first snow storm of the season in just a few days. Summer to snow in the blink of an eye. I didn’t make it into the station Tuesday night because of the snow, but I managed to whip up an hour’s […]

  • Speech is a Process of Thought

    Speech is a Process of Thought

    I talk a lot. Probably too much, if you ask some of my friends. That is because I have known a little secret about conversation for quite some time now – Talking can help us form our thoughts and discover new things. In a sense, conversation is a process of thought. According to Heinrich von […]

  • Create Rap Songs Friday in a Unique P.A. Day Experience

    Beats N’ Rhymes is a unique P.A. Day Experience that will be held at the Boys & Girls Club of London this Friday. You will learn how to make rap songs from scratch by creating beats, writing rhymes, and recording your vocals. The day features musicians from the local hip-hop scene including Mad Hattr, Bogus, Stewie, and […]

  • Students Need to Feel Useful and Important

    Giving students jobs and responsibilities in the classroom is a great idea. It’s something that many early years educators already do. “Asking preschoolers for help not only promotes kindness, empathy, and a sense of purpose, it also underscores a sense of responsibility and investment in the family, the community, and the world. When they are […]