October 2019

  • A Graphic Novel History of the Apollo Theater

    Showtime at the Apollo: The Epic Tale of Harlem’s Legendary Theater by Ted Fox and James Otis Smith The Apollo Theater is one of those legendary venues that has a rich, history behind it. It only makes sense that someone chose to immortalize that in graphic novel form. It goes in depth too, looking at […]

  • Ms. Marvel, Catwoman, and Batman

    Here are the latest graphic novels that I have had the pleasure of reading. Ms. Marvel: Volume 9 – Teenage Wasteland When Ms. Marvel disappears, her friends decide to step in and make sure that Ms. Marvel’s presence is still felt in the city. It’s quite funny to see a group of teenagers, none of […]

  • The Story of a Unlikely DJ

    This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales Elise Dembowski is fifteen years old and determined to turn her life around. She thinks that if she studies popular culture over a summer that she can fit in better at school. She will no longer be an outcast. She spends months looking at magazines, doing […]

  • The 4 Easy Steps to Resolve Conflict (That Every Teacher and Parent Should Know)

    In her book, Preschool Clues, Angela C. Santomero has some great ideas for parents and educators. “To me, the smartest kids are the ones who can survey a situation, have a point of view, express that point of view, and attempt to make steps to improve the situation.” This is something we can teach. And […]

  • Reflecting on What I’m Thankful For

    Thanksgiving is a great time of year. I love getting together with family, having a delicious meal, and enjoying some quality time. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on the things you are thankful for. I am thankful for so many things in this life. Here are the things on my mind […]

  • Teachers and Students Rap on WIBRapRadio

    October 5th was World Teacher Day and we wanted to mark the day with something special for the hip-hop heads. That is why a group of fellow educators got together and recorded a song called “Each One Teach One.” Every aspect of the track from the beat, to the lyrics, to the emcees, to the […]

  • Eveyone in L.A. is an . . .

    Everyone in L.A. is an Asshole: Book 01 by Sarah Fuller Everyone in L.A. is an Asshole . . . except Ellen Degeneres. So writes Sarah Fuller in her humorous work of fiction that revolves around a character also named Sarah. She tells a quick story in her first person narrative that shows how Ellen […]

  • Helping Kids Swing to New Heights

    Scaffolding is a tool that great educators use instinctively. I don’t like the metaphor behind the term, however. We need a better visual image and story to help illustrate exactly what it means. Angela C. Santomero provides one for us in her brilliant book, Preschool Clues . . . “Imagine a preschooler is playing on the […]

  • Breaking with Midus (WIBRapRadio)

    For this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio, we talk with Midus and clear up some of the misconceptions around breakdancing. It is a crucial element of hip-hop that is often misunderstood. He’s a scholar and expert on the topic and definitely drops some knowledge. And of course, we bring the music. From iconic […]

  • Hip Hop HeadUcatorz present . . . Each One Teach One

    Celebrate World Teacher Day with a new track and animated video. Everything about this track, from the beat, to the art, to the rhymes, to the cuts were done by eight educators who just happen to be hip-hop heads. Presenting “Each One Teach One” by Hip Hop HeadUcatorz. Producer, I.Khan, teaches in the GTA. His […]