January 2019

  • B-boying

    D-sisive Opens Up About Mental Health

    I have been a big fan of D-sisive since I first saw him perform in the 1990s. He’s had quite the journey of the years, but I didn’t even know the half of it. He shared this video on his social media accounts and it is quite powerful. Give it a view, it only take […]

  • New Music from Chase March

    NEW MUSIC – Gizmo’s Lullaby

    My new song, “Gizmo’s Lullaby” is now available wherever you get your music. I wrote it to celebrate the birth of my son. My wife and I didn’t find out the gender during the pregnancy so we didn’t know whether we were going to have a son or daughter. It felt strange just saying “the […]

  • Teaching Tips

    Other Teachers’ Ideas

    Here are some great ideas I found online that you can use in your classroom. I’ve linked to the original article or blog I found the idea and attached a short description. GeoGuessr This is a game that has students exploring random places on Earth using Google Street View. They have to use the clues […]

  • WIB Rap Radio - Welcome Gizmo

    WIB Rap Radio – Welcome Gizmo!

    Big news to start off the show this week. Plus, local emcee, Stewie calls in to talk about his upcoming Mental Health Fundraiser, new music in the works, and the premiere of his Say No to Normal Radio Show. Stream the show with the player below or download it to take with you. Enjoy the […]

  • Chase March Mixtapes

    Gizmo’s Birthday Mixtape

    My wife and I welcomed a new baby to the world and I wanted to give him a special birthday present. Here it is!We choose not to find out the gender of our baby ahead of time, so we didn’t know if we were going to have a son or a daughter. And I didn’t […]

  • Wildelux on WIB

    In Depth and Exclusive with Wildelux

    Wildelux has been rapping since the 1990s and continually drops dope projects. His name is pronounced Will Delux but the spelling shows that he is a fierce and wild emcee. It was nice to finally catch up with him and talk about the new E.P. produced by Roccwell. This episode of Word is Bond Rap […]

  • The 10-20-30 Rule

    The 10:20:30 Rule

    In his book, The Art of the Start 2.0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything, Guy Kawasaki gives some great advice regarding presentations. His tips are meant for business men and women when giving pitches, but I think they are transferable for presentations everywhere. New product announcements from Apple seem to follow these […]

  • National DJ Day

    National DJ Day – Let’s Celebrate!

    It’s National DJ Day, let’s celebrate with some great routines and DJ sets. Roc Raida’s Winning Set – DMC World Champion 1995 Roc Raida was one of the best to ever do it. We lost him way too soon. Rest in Peace, Roc! Your music lives on and you continue to inspire DJs everywhere. Jam […]

  • Hip-Hop Matters Book

    Hip-Hop Matters – Yes, It Does!

    Hip Hop Matters – Politics, Pop Culture, and the Struggle for the Soul of a Movement by S. Craig Watkins Here are some of the things I learned while reading this book. The Story Behind the Message We all know “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. It is often heralded as the […]

  • #AmReading

    Children’s Materials (8-12 yrs) Reads

    Last semester, I took a class for my Master’s of Library and Information Science program that focused on children’s material. The required reading list was quite long. Basically, I was expected to read two books a week over the course of term. Fortunately, I had already read some of the classics and we were given […]