December 2018

  • Top 18 Albums of 2018 Countdown

    Top 18 Albums of 2018 Countdown

    2018 was a great year for hip-hop. I had a hard time narrowing down my list of The Top 18 Albums of 2018. I could have easily done a Top 25 list, but I had to follow with tradition. I’ve been doing this countdown for 10 years now. It started back in 2009 when I thought […]

  • Top 18 Albums of 2018

    Top 18 Albums of 2018

    Here are my pics for The Top 18 Albums of 2018. Do you agree with this list? Is there anything I slept on that I should check out? Please let me know. Make sure you come back tomorrow to listen to the Word is Bond Rap Radio countdown show. 18. Chris Orrick – Portraits You may […]

  • Supeman Earth One TPB

    Another Superman Origin Story

    Superman – Earth One: Volume One I know, we don’t really need another retelling on Superman’s origin story. But the Earth One line from DC shakes things up. It feels like superheroes could really be a reality in our every day lives right now. There’s an immediacy to this series that is intriguing. I was […]

  • Bumblebee Movie

    Transformers Finally Get It Right (Yay, Bumblebee!)

    I had absolutely no desire to see this movie. Transformers just haven’t been able to get their act together on the big screen. As a life-long fan of the toys, animated series, and comics, I have been let down time and time again by the films. I wasn’t even going to give this one chance. […]

  • Walking Dead Vol 28

    An Unlikely Walking Dead Team-Up

    Walking Dead: Volume 28 – A Certain Doom I quit The Walked Dead a few years ago. I got tired of the constant misery portrayed on the televisions series. I was especially aggrieved at the on-screen violence when it came to the murder of Glen. We knew he died in the show even though we […]

  • Green Lantern Comic Review

    The Green Lantern Team

    Green Lantern Corps – Edge of Oblivion The Green Lantern Corps find themselves alone in a dying universe. They need to find a way out of it and back to their own universe before its too late. However, the universe isn’t as empty as it seems. There is a single planet left and it is […]

  • This I Know book

    Marketing Lessons I Know

    This I Know: Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence by Terry O’Reilly Terry O’Reilly is the man behind the amazing radio show, Under the Influence. Every week, he explores the world of marketing and provides the listener with “a rare backstage pass into the hallways, boardrooms and recording studios of the ad industry” The show […]

  • Star Trek Comic Review

    Star Trek – Boldly Does Comics

    Star Trek – Boldly Go: Volume 1 This graphic novel starts out where the last Star Trek movie left off. With the Enterprise destroyed in the events of Star Trek Beyond, the members of her crew are spread out throughout the galaxy. Captain Kirk is in temporary command of the Endeavour; Sulu is serving as […]

  • WIB Xmas 2018

    A Word is Bond Christmas (2018)

    I’ve been doing a Christmas edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio for years now. It’s a tradition that I enjoy, But I also love spinning a variety of music. So, this year, I decided to mix things up a bit and play a few songs that don’t necessarily fit the theme of my radio […]

  • Cooking it Up with Cheg Borges on WIB Rap Radio

    Cooking It Up with Chef Borges – Word is Bond Rap Radio

    Chef Borges is an up and coming emcee from London, Ontario who is wise beyond his years. He know his stuff when it comes to hip-hop. Not only does he dig for samples and produce his own beats, but he regularly listens to golden age greats such as Rakim. He came to the radio station […]