November 2018

  • The MIX(ed)TAPE 2 header

    Have You Heard The MIX(ed)TAPE 2?

    DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March present, The MIX(ed)TAPE 2. Featuring the vocal talents of . . . Bankai Fam, ChangerMusic, Chase March, Chris Jackson, dc, Dissmaster Grand, DJ Case, Union, Dro Pesci, El Bandito, Eternia, Exit Only, Flying Poets, Fortunato, Fraction, Ghettosocks, Horus Gump, J. Shiltz, Jon Corbin, Jux Cain, Labeled Minority, L’il Neekz, […]

  • Doctor Who Comics

    Facing Fate with Doctor Who

    Doctor Who – Facing Fate Trilogy I have really weird reading habits when it comes to comics. First off, I tend to read graphic novels out of the order in which they were released. This is due to the fact that I don’t buy most of what I read. I visit various branches of the […]

  • permalink structure

    Permalink Structure & Broken Links

    Ignorant of Structure When I started blogging in 2007, I really didn’t know much about websites, blogging platforms, or permalink structure. Over the past few years, I have learned a lot about html, website design, and best practices for naming and organizing files online. Ugly Links I started out using Blogger because it was free […]

  • Teacher Hacks

    Teacher Hacks for Missed Work and Lost Items

    Being organized as a teacher is very important. Here are a few great ideas that you might find useful. Missed Work Having a missed work file is great. Having one that students can access without having to bug you is even better. It takes a little bit of work, but can save you tons of […]

  • XL - Sadat X & El Da Sensei

    XL – Sadat X + El Da Sensei (on WIB Rap Radio)

    Sadat X and El Da Sensei are legends in hip-hop. You may know them from Brand Nubian and Artifacts. Well, they have combined to form XL and have dropped a brand new collaborative album. They’ve worked together tons of times over the past 20 years, so it was only fitting for this to happen. The […]

  • Rap Used to Have a Conscience

    When Rap Music Had a Conscience: The Artists, Organizations and Historic Events That Inspired and Influenced the “Golden Age” of Hip-Hop from 1987 to 1996 by Tayannah Lee McQuillar. Brother J of X-Clan writes the forward to this book that explores what is often referred to the Golden Age of Rap. Of course, the artform has […]

  • Harry Turnbull Skate Park (Sarnia, ON)

    The Harry Turnbull Skate Park is located at 235 Maxwell St in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. It is definitely one of the strangest skateparks I’ve been to. The bowl isn’t all that functional. It’s hard to carve on it since it is shallow and quite long. And the three large concrete hills are quite bizarre. One […]

  • First Contact TV APTN

    First Contact with First Nations

    Teaching has taken me to some incredible places and let me experience all sorts of new things. I have learned a lot in my career and continue to do so. That is what my Teaching Tip Series is all about. This year, I started working for a new school board and had to return to […]

  • DJ Cummerbund and TempoMental (Word is Bond Rap Radio)

    DJ Cummerbund is a mash-up artist supreme. He creates magic when he takes two things that shouldn’t go together to create a musical masterpiece. My favourite is when he took a hard rock song and turned it into a disco track. Can you imagine Ozzy Osbourne in Earth, Wind, and Fire? If not, press play and […]

  • Thames Grove Conservation Area Trail Run

    I love exploring new places to run. Today, it’s Thames Grove Conservation Area in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. This boat launch looked nice. It made me wish I could go floating down the river on this lazy afternoon. Here is a little information about the Thames River, if you are interested. I didn’t stop long to read […]