July 2018

  • Maybe Too Much (on WIB Rap Radio)

    I know someone who called our college radio station, “Radio Roulette – you never know what you are going to get.” It’s an apt description of what we do at Radio Western. Last week, I had a listener text in to the station who had been listening to the station for 24 hours straight. She […]

  • The Third Doctor Returns

    Doctor Who – Heralds of Destruction The Third Doctor is no longer exiled on Earth. The TARDIS works and he is ready to go on an adventure, but before he can, a strange spaceship crashes and begins what looks to be a full-scale invasion. Fortunately for the Doctor, his previous incarnation shows up  to help […]

  • DOPEfm Meet Word is Bond (Hip-Hop Podcast)

    I got my start on radio ten years ago with Daddy J on a show called DOPEfm. The show is still going strong Saturday nights in Hamilton, ON, Canada on 93.3 CFMU. Daddy J paid the Forest City a special visit last week and it was great to have him co-host the show with me. […]

  • Sankdafied and Traffimatics (Live on Word is Bond)

    I’ve gotten a little bit behind on the podcasting of the radio show, and for that I apologize. I liked the idea of podcasting the show as quickly as possible after the live show. I had been trying to get the new shows posted by Wednesday of each week but that hasn’t been working so […]

  • Concrete Mob Comes to the Forest City

    Concrete Mob exploded onto the hip-hop scene with their iconic song, “Boiling Point” that was featured on the first Rap Essentials compilation back in 1996. The group consists of emcees; Blackjak and Deuce Deuce. They grew up as childhood friends, beat-boxing and reciting rhymes on their neighborhood streets of downtown Toronto, Canada. They quickly made […]

  • Living Dangerously on the Radio (with Jesse)

    I had a blast on Word is Bond Rap Radio last week. The two shows that go on before me, didn’t make it in, so I started at 7:00 p.m. and did 5 hours live. This is the first half of that extended show and features some old school classics that have been sampled countless […]

  • Kevin Couldn’t Save Television

    Kevin Probably Saves the World is the kind of television show that we really need more of. It’s a unique hour-long drama that is fully of charm and humour. It has elements of fantasy and spirituality in every episode that could be a little off-putting to some people. Maybe that is the reason we won’t […]