February 2018

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio’s 300th Episode Celebration

    We had a lot of fun on the radio Monday night celebrating the 300th Episode of Word is Bond Rap Radio. DJ Hullewud, of Break North Radio, kicked off the celebrations with a special intro and a mixset perfectly tailored to the celebration. Brewza and Solyd Roy performed songs and freestyles, and I even jumped in […]

  • Teaching with the Olympic Games

    I have been having a lot of fun incorporating the Winter Olympics into my English ESL classes. Part of the curriculum deals with Canadian culture and this seemed like a great opportunity to explore different areas of the country. Research I asked the class how they could find out about the Canadian athletes who are […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio Celebrates 300 Episodes

    It has been a great journey and there is no end in sight. I’ve come a long way since the very first episode of Word is Bond Rap Radio back in March of 2012. It’s hard to believe that this week’s episode will be the 300th one for the show. We are celebrating it in […]

  • Detective Novels Meet the Master of Horror

    Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King I had no idea that this was a detective story when I picked it up from the library a few weeks back. I have enjoyed every single Stephen King story that I have ever read. He just has a way with words and storytelling. However, this one seemed to be […]

  • Saga Vol 1-8 TPB

    Saga – Pushing Comics Further

    Saga: Volume 1 – 8 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples It’s hard to explain exactly what this comic book series is all about. If I try to summarize it, some of the magic will no doubt be lost. Suffice it to say, this series pushes the medium of comic storytelling into new realms. […]

  • Chasing Content – February 2009

    Let’s take a moment to travel back in time and explore posts from nine years ago. It’s time for a bonus edition of Chasing Content. Let’s go! Read all of the posts from February 2009,  or just these highlights . . . Who Watches TV on a TV anymore? Nine years ago, it was still […]

  • Almost Forgot Valentine’s Day (WIB Rap Radio)

    I almost forgot about Valentine’s Day this year. I had a crate of records cued up to celebrate Black History Month and then five minutes before Word is Bond Rap Radio took to the air, I realized that I should switch gears. I could push that show off for two weeks and play romantic hip-hop […]

  • Feeding Your Flame (Student Writing Activity)

    Last week’s Will Smith video response activity was a success. I decided to try it again with another of his Instagram videos. This one has a few harsh phrases or words that might not be appropriate for your classroom (please watch it before you share it with your students) Please write a 2-3 paragraph response […]

  • It’s Your Birthday Mixtape

    I made this mixtape as a birthday present for a thirteen-year-old who is really into modern hip-hop. He made a few requests of songs that I am not particularly fond of. Fortunately, he left me some room to add songs of my choice. I threw in some new stuff and dipped into the past, as […]

  • Jux Cain kicking it on Word is Bond

    Jux Cain paid a visit to Radio Western Monday night to kick it with me on Word is Bond Rap Radio. He brought some music to share, kicked a freestyle, and talked about his birthday concert going down Friday night. The concert features some amazing talent, including the headliner Adam Bomb, one of Canada’s finest […]