November 2017

  • WIB Rap Radio – Under the Weather

    I was feeling a little under the weather Monday night, but that wasn’t going to stop me from bringing you another live edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. I was supposed to have a guest calling in, but maybe it’s good that he didn’t. You can tell that I didn’t have much of a […]

  • Medway Skatepark (London, ON)

    Medway Skatepark is located at 1051 Wonderland Road in London, Ontario, Canada. It has a large bowl with four different areas to carve, a mullet spine to do some transfers on, a vert wall, and a small street course with wave bumps. It’s a nice park with a good flow to it. It’s definitely meant […]

  • Fortunato on WIB Rap Radio

    Fortunato is the special guest for this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. We provide you with real hip-hop music and talk every single week on your radio dial, internet stream, and podcast. In this episode, we play brand new music from Grand Analog featuring Posdnous of De La Soul, the new not-quite title track […]

  • An Education Disrupter Transforms A School and Community

    Hamish Brewer calls himself an “Educational Disrupter.” Not content with the way things were in education, he dedicated himself to breaking the mold. He didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. He wanted to create an authentic and relevant experience for his students. And he did it. “Every decision I make comes back […]

  • Hip-Hop Radio Putting Up Numbers

    Last week’s edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio was a lot of fun. I had an exclusive interview with The Legendary PMD and the show has put up some pretty impressive numbers. It’s is charting in 5 different places on Mixcloud and is even in the Top 10 of two of them. 7th in […]

  • 5 People Write Every Pop Song Heard on the Radio

    The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory by John Seabrook Everything changed though back in 1992 when Ace of Base was unleashed on the world with their debut album, The Sign. There wasn’t anything spectacular about this band. They might not have gone anywhere if it wasn’t for a broken car stereo. A music producer […]

  • The Legendary PMD on WIB Rap Radio

    I have been a fan of this man for as long as I can remember. EPMD is one of the best hip-hop groups to ever do it. It was an absolute pleasure to have him on the show last night. PMD drops a lot of knowledge in this in-depth and exclusive appearance on Word is […]

  • Churchill Skateboard Park (Cambridge, ON)

    Churchill Park is located at 200 Christopher Drive in Cambridge, ON. It’s a beautiful park with a lot to see and do. The latest edition is a uniquely designed skateboard plaza. The shape of this park in pretty interesting. Can you see what the designers did with it? This is one half of the course. […]

  • Heads Up with Sankdafied on WIB Rap Radio

    Sankdafied came by Radio Western this week to leak a few tracks from his forthcoming album Atoms and Evolution. I subjected him to a game of Heads Up, the Ellen smartphone app that had us trying to guess clues in her hip-hop category. And of course, I played two hours of great underground hip-hop. Enjoy […]

  • Find the Spark and Write

    Story Sparks: Finding Your Best Story Ideas & Turning Them into Compelling Fiction by Denise Jaden Denise Jaden explores the concept of inspiration in her latest book, Story Sparks. She gives practical advice on finding story ideas in everyday life, how to nurture the creative power you already have, and suggests small exercises that can […]