August 2017

  • Digital Daredevil

    Let’s get caught up on some Daredevil reading, shall we? Daredevil / Punisher – Seventh Circle The Punisher is trying to exact his own form of justice on a criminal who is set to stand trial in Texas. Daredevil would rather let the legal system decide his fate, however. So, he tries his best to […]

  • 150 Tracks for Canada 150 (The Rap Up) I played 150 Canadian hip-hop tracks to celebrate Canada 150 last month. This is the fourth and final installment of that series. All in all, we featured ten hours of homegrown hip-hop. This extended episode features a half hour of First Nation artists, over three hours of great music, and wraps everything up in a […]

  • Hip-Hop Formed in Clay in an Amazing Way

    What is Hip-Hop? by Eric Morse and Anny Yi This book is incredible for so many reasons. It celebrates hip-hop in a way that shows respect for the art and culture. It not only pays tribute to some of the pioneers of the art form, but it does so in a way that is quite […]

  • Eclipsing All Other Mixshows (WIB Rap Radio) The moon tried to black out the sun and everyone looked towards the sky to witness the total solar eclipse this week. That same night on Word is Bond Rap Radio I did my best to eclipse all other playlists and podcasts with two hours of underground hip-hop mixed live on the radio. Records passed in […]

  • Marvel’s Defenders – Ultimate Crossover Event

    Marvel is doing an incredible job with its Netflix television department. The stellar first season of Daredevil set the tone for three additional series; Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. And this past weekend, all four of the heroes came together in the eight episode arc of The Defenders. This series highlights one of […]

  • Medway Forest Trail (London, ON)

    Medway Forest Trail is a great place to run in London, Ontario, Canada. I started today’s run at Western University and ran for five kilometers. It’s quiet back here and the sounds of the city fade away as you get further into the woods. I always love being able to run alongside a river. There […]

  • DJing the London Stop of The Not Guilty Tour

    The Not Guilty Tour comes to London this Thursday in what is sure to be an amazing show of live hip-hop performances. You won’t want to miss it. The concert will be hosted by Shawn the Genesis and DJ Chase March will be on the 1s and 2s all night long. Marmel Ent (Vision, Singafrass, and Suspect) […]

  • Can Word is Bond Rap Radio Ever Be Loud Enough? Can Word is Bond Rap Radio ever be loud enough? I highly doubt it. I know that I like to turn up the volume when I am mixing live in the studio. I hope you pump this podcast equally loud (or louder) when you press play. Enjoy and let me know that you checked […]

  • Sonya Sahni and the First Grade

    Sonya Sahni and the First Grade: Its International Day! by Soma Mandal and Tim Williams Having a foot in two different worlds can be difficult for anyone. Even more so for a kid trying to figure out how to fit in with her friends at school and please her parents at home. Sonya tries her […]

  • Superhero Novels (For Eyes and Ears)

    Wonder Woman: Mythos by Carol Lay A couple go scuba diving on their honeymoon in the Bermuda triangle and the man disappears. Wonder Woman investigates and finds that there is a mysterious island that mirrors the one she is from. This one is entirely populated by men and they seem to be under some form […]