June 2017

  • DJing Twice This Weekend

    Sesquifest – Canada Day in London, ON London is already celebrating Canada’s 150 birthday with 5 days of special events and concerts. I am proud to be blessing the stage with KIV on Saturday. We will be performing some great rap songs live. Kiv is on the mic, and I’m on the turntables. Don’t miss […]

  • Skateboard Competitions This July

    London Skateboard Co-op – Canada day @ Kiwanis WHAT: Canada Day Skateboard Competition WHERE: Kiwanis Skatepark. 1475 Brydges Street (at Wavell) London, ON. Canada WHEN: July 1st, 2017 CONTACT: London Skateboard Co-op PHONE: (519) 518-9995 EMAIL: londonskateboardcoop@gmail.com SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook Kenora Skateboard Competition  WHAT: Kenora Skateboard Competition WHERE: Kenora, ON. Canada WHEN: July 9th, 2017 CONTACT: Board Anyone PHONE: (807) 468-3211 SOCIAL MEDIA: http://www.boardanyone.com/ […]

  • It’s Time to Break the Gender-Barrier in Professional Sport

    American Ninja Warrior is a grueling obstacle course competition. The athletes only get one shot at conquering the very complex course. Even the best trained and experienced athletes fail. Women regularly compete in the games and there are no separate or easier courses designed for them. They run the same track with the same rules […]

  • Go Skateboarding Day (5 Easy Tricks for Newbies)

    Today is Go Skateboarding Day. It’s a day to celebrate the sport and the art of skateboarding. It’s a day to encourage people to get out there are try it. To that end, I found this interesting video that highlights the 5 Easiest Skateboard Tricks.  I have to admit that I stick to the tried-and-true […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – 5th Anniversary Special

    http://chasemarch.com/Word-is-Bond-Rap-Radio/WIBRapRadio-5_Year_Anniversary_Special.mp3 Word is Bond Rap Radio celebrated its 5th Anniversary with special in-studio guests, live performances, a freestyle cypher, hip-hop trivia, and prizes. Labeled Minority, Tempomental, Sankdafied, The Mighty Speak EZ, and DJ Hullewud were all in the house to celebrate live on the radio. I spun tracks featuring 5 MCs on them and even gave […]

  • Why You Should Tell Your Story

    The Story You Need to Tell by Sandra Marinella, MA, MEd “Our words create us. Our stories create us. And our writing can re-create us.” Wise words from Sandra Marinella, a writer who has taught several people how to use personal writing to come to terms with, overcome, and learn from past traumas. And now […]

  • Skateboard Competitions This Month in Ontario

    Summer is here and skateboard season is kicking off with some great competitions and events. Here are a few that are happening this month in Southern, Ontario, Canada. One of them is TODAY! So, get out there and show us what you’ve got. Compete, have fun, take home some prizes, and have fun! WHAT: Zumiez […]

  • Darth Vader Ends It

    Darth Vader – The Shu-Torun War These comic stories take place after the events depicted in Episode IV: A New Hope, but before any of the sequel films. It’s really nice to see Darth Vader trying to figure out who he is and how he fits into the Galactic Empire. He needs to redeem himself […]

  • This movie is WONDERful!

    It’s no secret that the most recent DC movies haven’t really captured the magic of the comic books and the source material, at least not to my expectations. Until now. This was everything that a Wonder Woman movie should be. It starts out with the photograph we saw Bruce Wayne uncover in the last film […]

  • How to Write About Culture for a Living and Not ‘Sell Out’

    The term ‘sell out’ is used a little too liberally these days. People expect artists (and, yes, writers are artists) to do everything for the sheer love of creation and the moment they make a bit of money, people start to call them ‘sell outs’; but it’s not true and it’s not fair! Everyone has […]