2017 Reads

The March Trilogy is Complete

October 26, 2017

March: Book Three by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell This is the final book of a trilogy series that focuses on the challenges and horrors faced by those in the Civil Rights Movement as they fought to be recognized as human beings and [Keep Reading]

Running Can be Terrible and Wonderful

October 20, 2017

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances by The Oatmeal When I saw this book, it called to me almost immediately. I love running and the title and art were quite compelling. Now, first off, I have to admit that I am not a long [Keep Reading]

Invincible or Infamous Iron Man?

October 13, 2017

Invincible Iron Man – Vol 1: Reboot Tony Stark has new armor and it is truly remarkable. There is a stealth mode, it can change colour, and it is incredible easy to get in and out of. Unfortunately Pepper Potts is not at Stark Industries [Keep Reading]

Panels in Space

October 7, 2017

I borrowed both of these graphic novels from the public library. It’s nice to be able to explore space for free (from the safety of my living room). Captain Marvel: Volume 1 – Rise of Alpha Flight I’m not too  familiar with the [Keep Reading]

Digital Daredevil

August 31, 2017

Let’s get caught up on some Daredevil reading, shall we? Daredevil / Punisher – Seventh Circle The Punisher is trying to exact his own form of justice on a criminal who is set to stand trial in Texas. Daredevil would rather let the legal [Keep Reading]

Hip-Hop Formed in Clay in an Amazing Way

August 24, 2017

What is Hip-Hop? by Eric Morse and Anny Yi This book is incredible for so many reasons. It celebrates hip-hop in a way that shows respect for the art and culture. It not only pays tribute to some of the pioneers of the art form, but it does so in a [Keep Reading]

Sonya Sahni and the First Grade

August 15, 2017

Sonya Sahni and the First Grade: Its International Day! by Soma Mandal and Tim Williams Having a foot in two different worlds can be difficult for anyone. Even more so for a kid trying to figure out how to fit in with her friends at school and [Keep Reading]

Superhero Novels (For Eyes and Ears)

August 11, 2017

Wonder Woman: Mythos by Carol Lay A couple go scuba diving on their honeymoon in the Bermuda triangle and the man disappears. Wonder Woman investigates and finds that there is a mysterious island that mirrors the one she is from. This one is [Keep Reading]

The Second Super-Hero Civil War

August 3, 2017

Civil War II In the first super-hero civil war, Iron-Man and Captain America couldn’t see eye to eye. The stakes were high and there was no way around it. A clear line was drawn and it left people on opposing sides with no other choice but to [Keep Reading]
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