September 2016

  • The East is in the House TONIGHT

    When the East is in the House! An East Coast Invasion featuring: Ghettosocks, Tachichi, DJ Moves, and Kxng Wooz. Local Support: Dreamsters Union Chief Chills w/ DJ Hullewud Thesis Sahib DJ Chase March and DJ Wiskaz On The Tables All Night!! Ghettosocks Ghettosocks is a JUNO nominated artist who has pushed his unique brand of […]

  • My Daredevil Collection Continues to Grow

    It’s been a while since I added items to my Daredevil collection. It was long overdue, wasn’t it? I picked the baseball cap up at Fan Expo last month and the plushie at a store in the mall. I couldn’t believe that there is such as thing as Daredevil air-fresheners. I don’t even use air-fresheners […]

  • Need a Scratch Hook? Let’s Work!

    I’m having a DJ sale this week. I will scratch a hook for your song for only $10. You can send me your track via email and I will get to work on it right away. If you have a specific idea of what you would like to hear, like a particular lyric from your […]

  • Last Sunday – New Monthly Hip-Hop Concert Series

    Sunday September 25th, 2016 E.O.A. Fam Records presents . . . Last Sunday – A New Monthly Hip-Hop Concert Series with Headlining Act Labeled Minority and featuring . . . Mad Hattr, Bizzy, Dabs, Grime, Brewza, Sunshyne, and Fast Cloud. Hosted by O-Beast with myself, DJ Chase March on the 1s and 2s. This is […]

  • The Gauntlet (Hip-Hop Competition

    Friday September 23rd, 2016 Brewza Music and Promotions presents . . . The Gauntlet 1 Nine artists will test their skills against one another bringing the best set they can to conquer the gauntlet and walk away with the title and a wad of cash! The Gauntlet Battle Tournament will also be going down. The […]

  • Alex and Ada (A different take on AI)

    Alex + Ada is a brilliant comic book series that has been collected in three graphic novels. It is set in a future that feels not too far off from our own. In this future, there are androids that look completely human. They are required to have a marking on their arms to identifies them […]

  • Chasing Content – See You in September

    It’s time for another edition of Chasing Content, that monthly feature that gets us looking back at what was happening last year at this time. Let’s just jump into things, shall we? You can read all of the posts from last September . . .  Or just the highlights here Hip-Hop in the Brydges I […]

  • A Repurposed Tennis Court Becomes a Skatepark

    An old and unused tennis court is the perfect place to build a new skatepark. I have never seen anything like this before. But it is a great idea, don’t you think? This park is located in Mount Pleasant, Ontario and it has quite a few nice features. I like the orange and blue colour […]

  • Fan Expo 2016 Highlights

    Fan Expo is a great comic book and science fiction convention that happens the last weekend of summer every year in Toronto. It is always a lot of fun dressing up in cosplay outfits, attending panels, meeting celebrities, getting comics autographed, and buying some new collectibles. Here are some the highlights from last weekend’s event. […]

  • Celebrating 50 Years of Star Trek

    50 years ago today, on this very date, September 8th, the world was changed by a little television show called Star Trek. I have fond memories of the show even though I wasn’t alive when it premiered on that Thursday night back in 1966. My father and I used to watch the show together in […]