January 2016

  • Birthday Beat Down TONIGHT!

    Tonight, we will be celebrating Danny Gable‘s birthday in true hip-hop style. He does a lot for the local music scene and promotes shows that enrich the culture. Let’s wish him all the best by attending this amazing event. Not only do we have a lot of great rap performances lined up, we also have a […]

  • Know Your History – Swearing in Hip-Hop

    Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. Be forewarned that there is a lot of cursing in today’s episode as we explore swearing in hip-hop. We’ll listen to a sound clip from a movie, a few interview clips, and of course, great music. I used to have the time to transcribe every […]

  • The Superior Spider-Man Is . . .

    The first four volumes of Superior Spider-Man were very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed them. These last two issues bring the story to its natural conclusion. Superior Spider-Man: Volume 5: Superior Venom Flash Thompson has been able to use drugs and his will to keep Venom under his control, or so he thought. When […]

  • My Current DJ Set-Up

    Here is my current DJ set-up. I have it housed on a farily ugly table. Covering it with a blanket allows me store things underneath it out of sight. This is power supply. It is much better than a simple power-bar. It has a battery built into it and if the power shuts off, the […]

  • How to Properly Reboot a Franchise

    Star Wars tried to rebuild their franchise with the prequel trilogy but those films were flawed and didn’t gain a lot of traction with fans. Fans have loved the books, animated television shows, and comics for years now. It was finally the right time to restart the film franchise. But they went about it the […]

  • Jam Master Jay and National DJ Day – The 1, 2 Punch

    Today is the day that Jam Master Jay was gifted to the world. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us, but we celebrate in his absence. For all that he did for hip-hop, for how he has inspired countless DJs, and for how he could rock a party. Here is a video showing his skills […]

  • Miles Morales is Back as Spider-Man

    The first series featuring Miles Morales as Spider-Man was brilliant. I did not want to see come to an end. Thankfully, we got a second series featuring the new web-crawler. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man – Volume 1: Revivial It turns out that the Green Goblin isn’t dead . . . and neither is Peter Parker. Things […]

  • 8 Online Tools for Students and Educators

    Someone approached me and asked to contribute a guest post for my Teaching Tip Tuesday series. Over the years, I have had some great tips submitted from readers all over the globe. I found out that this latest one though was a thinly veiled attempt at self promotion. Even worse that that, it linked to […]

  • My List of 2016 Reads

    I like to keep a detailed reading log. It’s always nice to look back at what I have read over the course of the year. If this year, follows the pattern I have established in the past four, I will read close to 60 titles this year that will include graphic novels, teaching-related books, books […]

  • Classic Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide

    Classic Material: The Hip-Hop Album Guide edited by Oliver Wang This book contains intelligent writing on over 60 classic hip-hop albums from 20 different music journalists and experts. It spans 20 years of hip-hop history and does so in a very respectful way. Main Source “Breaking Atoms” It was cool to find out that “Snake […]