June 2015

  • Teachers are Such Failures

    “It seems everybody is piling on teachers right now. We have become fashionable targets.” People aren’t going to understand what we do. We will always face criticism and negative comments. “Honestly, I don’t let it bother me and you shouldn’t either.” Take Risks Knowing this, it might seem easier to play it safe. I know […]

  • I’m Never Running Here Again

    I am always on the look out for a new trail to run. I love exploring nature and getting a work-out at the same time. So far, I have documented 70 different trails in this series. I would have no problem running any of them again. This one is the only exception. I have ran […]

  • Fables – Great Comic Book Series

    Fables: Cubs in Toyland Volume 18 of Eisner Award winning series focuses on Therese, one of Snow White and Bigby Wolf’s young cubs. She’s not happy with the toy boat she got for Christmas. But one night, it starts talking to her and encourages her to take it to the lake. When she does, it […]

  • Movie Making in the Classroom

    Can it really be this easy to create a free green screen? Apparently, all you need is green butcher paper and iMovie. I don’t have any experience using green screens but I am definitely intrigued! April Kreitzer tried it out and wrote a nice tutorial here if you’d like to learn more. I like the idea […]

  • National Go Skateboard Day!

    National Go Skateboard Day is tomorrow! It’s a day where skateboarders from all over the world celebrate their passion for the sport. They are special events, competitions, give-aways, and skate sessions happening all day long. West 49 has a list of the events and competitions that are happening all throughout Canada. I plan on attending […]

  • Lucky to Have Read Such a Great Book

    The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks I love the premise of this book. A marine finds a photo half-buried in the sand on one of his tours of duty. For some reason he is compelled to pick it up. It shows an attractive woman at a fall fair. She is wearing a shirt that says, […]

  • Education Outside the Curriculum – A Guide for Teachers

    An efficient teacher is the one who opens up the box of creativity and innovation and allows the students to indulge in something totally novel and different. Merely sticking to the curriculum and instructing students from the highlighted box is not at all a competent option. The process of teaching is not at all limited […]

  • Lorne C. Henderson Nature Trail

    I collect nature trails. I’m always on the lookout for new places to run and document here on the blog. So far, I have collected 70 different trails. The latest edition to this series is Lorne C. Henderson Conservation Area. I drove all the way down the entrance road  to find the start of the back […]

  • Skip Star Trek: The New Adventures, Trust Me!

    Star Trek: The New Adventures (Volume 1) This is probably the worst Star Trek comic in existence. And I guess that makes sense since it was meant to bridge between the two latest movies. This reboot with a new cast failed miserably in my humble opinion. I have always loved Star Trek and was hoping this comic […]

  • Rita – My New Favourite Show

    Rita is a brilliant television series from Denmark that is now available on Netflix. It’s the first foreign language show that I have ever watched. You need to turn on the subtitles, but it is well worth the effort. This is one of my favourite scenes from Season One. The story revolves around the school’s […]