February 2015

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – 3rd Anniversary Party

    My radio show celebrates its 3rd Anniversary on Monday and I am planning a huge party for the broadcast. I am going to have some very special guests in the studio. And you are invited. Please check the Facebook Event to RSVP and find out more. If you are an artist, you can jump in […]

  • Let’s Go Back to February 2008

    At the start of every month, I take a moment to look back at what I wrote last year at this time. This serves as a “Best-of” list and helps highlight great pieces from the archive. I’ve missed a few months of doing this, case in point is February 2008. Let’s fix that omission right […]

  • Great Teaching Blogs You Should Be Reading

    I have an online breakfast every morning, meaning that I read all sorts of blogs while I munch away on some cereal. Here are some teaching-related blogs that I check for on a daily basis. You should too! Dangerously Irrelevant – Scott McLeod’s blog is full of food for thought for teachers. Free Technology for […]

  • Rap Radio Shines Worldwide!

    I love listening to hip-hop radio. Here is a quick guide to the show I listen to on a regular basis. They are in alphabetical order by title. And I guarantee that each one delivers quality music by dedicated DJs who respect independent and underground artists. This is where real hip-hop lives. Tune in and […]

  • My List of 2015 Reads

    I keep a detailed reading log of every single title I read over the course of a year. This is where I do it. After I read a book, I blog about it and then add a link to that post here. As such, this page becomes a table of contents for all of the […]

  • Let’s Influence and Empower Our Students Every Day!

    Kids Are Worth It : Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline by Barbara Coloroso Barbara Coloroso is a renowned author of books on parenting and teaching. She offers great advice that we can all use in our daily lives. I can’t believe I hadn’t read any of her work till just now. One […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day – A Mixtape for My Love

    As I write this post, I am reminded of how I have declared my love on this blog three times. I was in love that many times. It’s true! And I thought each of those relationships would blossom into a death-till-you-part marriage. That is something I have wanted my whole life. Today, I am thankful that […]

  • Shaping Our Story to Live a Better Life

    A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life by Donald Miller Donald Miller believes that we can use what we know about storytelling to live better lives. He writes, “If Steve was right about a good story being a condensed version of life – that is, if story is […]

  • GPS – Free Music Method Books for Recorder

    I have posted about the GPS – Grade Performance Steps for beginning band before. It is an incredible resource that students really respond well to. It gives them specific tasks, is easily trackable, and makes assessment a snap. A colleague of mine formatted the books into individual instrument sections and you can find all of those […]

  • The Music Industry – What’s New in 2015?

    Music has three personas – the artistic side, the legal side, and the business side. And every year, consumers are in for some surprises, and 2015 will probably be no different. Here are some phenomena and issues that we are likely to see over the next 12 months. Legal Issues Probably the biggest issue during […]