2015 Reading Challenge – How’d I Do?

I found this reading challenge at the start of the year and thought it was a great idea. Truth be told though, I never glanced at it a second time throughout the entire year.

I already blog about every book I read, and manage to put up a new post every week. So, finding books according to a list seemed a little restricting to me. So, now that the year is over, let’s see what I can knock off of this list.

2015 Reading Challenge


Not too bad, I guess, since I didn’t actively choose books according to this checklist.

Although, it seems I didn’t read as much this year as I did since starting my annual reading log 4 years ago.

Here are the stats,

2012 – 65 Books
2013 – 61 Books
2014 – 78 Books
2015 – 60 Books

That’s a pretty good amount of books read in four years. And it is quite varied as well. I read memoirs, novels, comics, teaching books, writing books, books about music, and a fair bit of non-fiction.

Let’s see how I do in 2016!