December 2014

  • How I Did With My Goals for 2014

    I set goals for myself at the start of the year. I had the best intentions when I set them. I was determined to track my progress on a calendar as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow through with the tracking and I haven’t looked back at the list since I wrote it. I really should […]

  • Tomorrow Comes

    Tomorrow Comes by Donna Mebane In the afterward to this novel, Donna Mebane writes, I’m not a theologian or a psychologist or a philosopher. I’m not even a writer. I’m just a mom who loves my kids and assumed, like every mom does, that they’d be a part of my life for all my life. […]

  • Christmas Haul 2014

    Here are the highlights of the Christmas gifts I received this year. Smallville Season 11: Chaos My brother is a traditional comic book fan. He prefers single issues as opposed the collected editions I enjoy. So, he got me the first six issues of this comic. I just did some research on it. I enjoyed watching […]

  • Celebrate Christmas with 3 Hours of Mixtapes

    I get really bored of the same old Christmas Carols. That’s why I crafted some original Christmas-themed music mixes to help you celebrate the season. A DOPEfm Christmas – great hip-hop mixed by yours truly   and if that doesn’t do you for your Christmas music needs, you can check for the sequel. I’m proud […]

  • Write About It

    Very wise words from Hunter S. Thompson, so, Go write about it!

  • Bubble Bobble on My Phone

    Bubble Bobble is back! And it’s on my iPhone. The game is exactly the same as the arcade version I used to love. I really miss the joystick and the physical buttons. It takes a little more finesse to control the character on the touch screen. I so wish I could have a stand-up arcade. […]

  • Free Christmas Carol Music for Band

    I have quite a bit of Christmas music written specifically for the concert band. The problem is that many of my students don’t like the sheet music that I have purchased. And when I look at the individual parts, I can see why. The pieces sound great when played in a large ensemble but when […]

  • Access: Amerigo Gazaway

    Amerigo Gazaway is our special guest for the latest edition of Access. It is our special way of expanding a live radio interview into the realm of video and offering fans some behind the scene footage and conversation. Amerigo Gazaway is an incredible artist who has dropped some classic projects. His specialty is creating cohesive […]

  • A Interactive and Tangled Commonplace Book

    Daily Zen Doodles: 365 Tangle Creations for Inspiration, Relaxation, and Mindfulness by Meera Lee Patel This is a commonplace book with a twist. Or maybe it’s a sketch book with quotations. Or it could be a individualized puzzle for you to complete every single day for a year. Whatever it is, it is pretty cool! […]

  • How to Use a Reward System in the Classroom

    I have never been a fan of using rewards systems in the classroom. I’ve tried them out but have found that they are just simply too much work. It’s difficult to keep tabs on every student in the class and assign points effectively. This year, I changed my stance a little. I started a reward system […]