October 2014

  • Trail Run to Albion Falls (Hamilton, ON)

    Let’s explore the Red Hill Valley Trail and make our way to the gorgeous Albion Falls. This portion of the trail starts on the old road, that is now completely closed to traffic. At this point, the trail continues underneath The Red Hill Expressway. I used to run here all the time when I was […]

  • Weekly Classroom Newsletter

    I have decided to start a weekly classroom newsletter to keep parents informed of what is happening in our classroom. We have a 10-day week in my school, which means that I only have to design one of these every two weeks. And it really isn’t as much work as it sounds. I’ve already planned […]

  • fdrive33 – Please Support Campus Radio

    Word is Bond Rap Radio airs Monday Nights on 94.9 CHRW. Please tune in TONIGHT starting at 12:00 midnight straight through till 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and call in with a pledge. The station runs with the help of volunteers who are committed to bringing you quality radio. We provide you with music, interviews, and commentary that […]

  • Superior Spider-Man Teams Up with Villains and Heroes

    Superior Spider-Man Team Up: Volume 1 – Versus No one in the Marvel Universe realizes that Doc Ock has taken over Peter Parker’s life. Not even when he battles them all. There are some pretty good fights here and an interesting way to kick off the new on-going team-up series. It looks like, perhaps, Doc […]

  • Barracks Skatepark (London, Ontario)

    Wolseley Skatepark in London, Ontario is skateboard wonderland. The park is huge and has a great flow to it. Several skaters, BMXers, and scooter kids can ride here and not get in each other’s way often. There are a bunch of stairs and rails throughout the course. The only thing missing here is a mini-ramp […]

  • Ender’s Game Concludes with Children of the Mind

    Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card It’s taken me a while but I have finally read the original Ender’s Game series. The first novel is a science fiction classic that I stumbled upon seven years ago. I was completely blown away by the tale and it became one of my all-time favourite books. […]

  • This is an Avenger’s World. It is Protected!

    Avengers: Volume 1 – Avengers World Trouble is brewing and it seems like the only hope for earth is The Avengers. Captain America and Iron-Man realize that the team, as it is, won’t be enough. So they start recruiting to make the team even bigger and more powerful. Avengers: Volume 2 – The Last White […]

  • Comic Newsletter # 1

    Classroom newsletters are often boring pieces of paper that get lost in the slew of notices that are sent home. That is why I like to design comic-strip newsletters. They get read and can inspire out students to create their own comics. Here is the one I am sending home this week. Or view it […]

  • What I’m Thankful For

    #107690658 / gettyimages.com   Thanksgiving is the best time of the year to pause, reflect on your life, and take stock. If you think about it, I am sure you have a lot to by thankful for. It might not always feel like it. Things might not be perfect, but we are all blessed in […]

  • Access: DJ Z of DJ Booth

    DJ Z has a really interesting history, from being a campus radio DJ, to working in commercial radio, to helping build DJ Booth into one of the premiere music spaces on the Internet. We caught up with him for one of our special Access segments on 91.5 WPRK in Winterpark, Florida. And through the wonders […]