August 2014

  • Hidden Empire

    Hidden Empire by Orson Scott Card I read the first book of this series, Empire, a few years back. I didn’t even realize that there was more to it. I found this hardcover book at the dollar store and couldn’t believe it. Orson Scott Card is one of my favourite authors. I just had to […]

  • Grade 2/3 Long Range Plan

    I’m teaching a split class this year. That means I have to tailor my instruction to cover two different curriculums. That is a bit of a challenge. I’ve been working hard on my long range plan so I will know exactly what I have to teach on a week by week basis throughout the entire […]

  • D-sisive Shout-Out!

    I have been following D-sisive’s career since I first discovered him in the 1990s. I regularly play his music on my radio show. And before I landed on radio, I wrote about him in the university newspaper.  A few weeks back. I played a fairly old D-sisive track that wasn’t released on an album. It […]

  • Doctor Who – In Theatres Again!!!

    So, the new season of Doctor Who starts today but I won’t be watching it. Instead, I will be waiting to see in on the big screen on Monday! I saw the 50th Anniversary special at the theatre and it was a magical experience. I can’t wait to watch the start of the 12th Doctor’s […]

  • Transform Any Surface into a Touchscreen with TouchPico

    I have a Smartboard in my classroom. It is basically a computer interface that lets you write, manipulate, and control things with a simple touch. It is rather limiting though because it is a rather small rectangle and it is fixed in one place. I would love to have a second Smartboard in my classroom […]

  • Coyotes and Deer, Oh My!

    I wanted to go for a trail run but I stopped short when I saw this sign at the entrance. It was hours away from dusk but it was overcast and eerily quiet. I decided to go for my run anyway. I took my phone with me. I figured I could play some music to […]

  • Classroom Management for Dummies

    Welcome back to Teaching Tip Tuesdays! School starts in two weeks and this video is something you might want to watch before you step back into the classroom. It is full of great ideas on managing behaviour and the challenges that come with being a teacher. 1. Focus on Creating Authentic Learning Experiences Have a […]

  • The Sometimes Game

    “If your work is going to have an impact on the world, that means some people are really going to like it. And some people won’t.” And in this day and age, certain people feel that they need to express their negative opinions publicly through blog comments, Facebook rants, and other such avenues. Why just last […]

  • A Quality of Light – A Great Read

    A Quality of Light by Richard Wagamese I really enjoyed this book. It tells the story of a First Nations boy, Joshua, who was adopted by a white family. He lives on a farm, completely isolated from his cultural roots. When his friend, Johnny, starts to tell him of his warrior heritage, he doesn’t quite […]

  • Chesney Wilderness Area Trail

    Let’s explore Chesney Conservation Area, also known as Chesney Wilderness Area Trail. You can access the trail quite easily off of Highway 401. Take exit 250 and pass the truck stop. The trail is only a kilometer or so down the road on the right hand side. There were quite a few mosquitoes out when […]