May 2014

  • The Walking Dead: Rebuilding Society

    The Walking Dead: Volume 15 – We Find Ourselves In the last volume of this on-going series, Rick had an epiphany. He realized that fighting to survive wasn’t enough. Rebuilding society by creating a close-knit community was the only way to go. In this volume, the community is running really low on supplies and it […]

  • The Divergent Series Concludes with Allegiant

    Allegiant by Veronica Roth The first book of this series was absolutely incredible. I loved every minute of the page-turner and didn’t want to put it down.  I looked forward to reading more.  The second book wasn’t as good, in my humble opinion, but I still enjoyed the read and looked forward to the conclusion […]

  • When Will I Ever Use This Stuff?

    It’s normal for students to question why they are learning a specific skill or subject in school. It might even be normal to dismiss a particular learning opportunity out of hand by assuming that it will never serve a useful purpose. But, as teachers we need to remember that . . .  “Even if we […]

  • The Console for My TARDIS

    Last year, I built a life-sized TARDIS. This year, I wanted to expand on it a little bit further by creating the control room. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside so this console room will be a completely separate build. It won’t be housed inside the Public Call Box you see above. My first […]

  • Amazing Hip-Hop Book – The Big Payback

    The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop by Dan Charnas I’ve wanted to write a book about hip-hop history for some time now. This is the book that I wanted to write. It’s simply brilliant. It’s captivating. And it’s a page-turner. Dan Charnas weaves a narrative  to illustrate the growth of hip-hop music […]

  • The Governor is a Monster

    The Walking Dead: Volume 8 – Made to Suffer The Governor launches an all-out war against the small band of survivors who have built themselves a home and safe community in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The band manages to hold their own for a little while, but there are casualties on both sides. […]

  • Random Name Generator for Your Smartboard

    This is a great way to pick students randomly. You can select the number of students you have in your class and then type out each name. When you click “Select,” the computer clicks through several names with a cool sound effect and then it selects just one. One of the best features of this […]

  • Star Trek Model

    Both my dad and I had one of these. He painted his white and I painted mine grey. We then hung them from the ceiling using thread so they looked like they were in flight. I also had a Romulan Bird of Prey just off the bow of this ship too. I always imagined that […]

  • It’s Not Garbage . . . It’s Beautiful Music!

    I saw this documentary a few years back and was completely blown away by how music and instruments were brought to one of the most impoverished areas I had ever seen. Last week, I was able to see The Recycled Orchestra in person and it was awe-inspiring. The violin and flutes sounded absolutely perfect. I […]

  • My New Radio Show – Midnight Marauders

    I can now be heard on the London, airwaves. I’m taking over the Midnight Marauders Radio Program for the entire summer. It broadcasts out of the Western University campus in London, Ontario, Canada on 94.9 fm. You can also listen, stream, and download the shows from the CHRW radio website. Or use the Tune In App on […]