July 2013

A Run to the Lighthouse

July 31, 2013

I love trail running. My mom loves lighthouses. So, when I discovered a 3 kilometer nature trail that ends at a lighthouse, I just knew I had to lace up my shoes, strap my camera to my wrist, and hit the trail. It’s time for another [Keep Reading]

Riverside Skatepark – Cambridge, Ontario

July 29, 2013

It’s time for another skatepark tour. Today, we are visiting Riverside Rails in Cambridge, Ontario. There is a really nice bowl course that was opened in 2007. The street course was opened two years later. It’s nicely laid out for single [Keep Reading]

Transformers Done Right

July 26, 2013

Transformers Volume 2: International Incident The art in this trade paperback is absolutely gorgeous. I also love how they keep the original transformer characters looking like I remember them. There is even a nice joke about it thrown in. It really [Keep Reading]

Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children

July 24, 2013

Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman This book makes some interesting points that fly in the face of conventional wisdom. It makes sense to not fight in front of the children, right? But of course fighting is inevitable in a relationship. [Keep Reading]

Riverside Park Trail Run (Cambridge)

July 22, 2013

It’s time for another photographic tour. I so love doing these. I lace up my shoes, strap a camera to my wrist, explore a new trail, and snap pictures along the way. Then I post them here so you can be my virtual running partner. And if you [Keep Reading]

Stolen Rap Gear and What You Can Do

July 19, 2013

I’ve had the chance to hang out with Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils and I have to tell you that they are hard-working, down-to-earth, all around cool guys. It really is a shame to see that someone broke into their tour van and stole all of the [Keep Reading]

Hashtag Rap Explained

July 17, 2013

Welcome back to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. Today we are exploring the poetic device known as the simile. More aptly, we are looking at instances where rappers have taken the word “like” out of the comparison in a [Keep Reading]

Know Your History – Hashtag Rap

July 15, 2013

Rap is poetry. I know a lot of people would disagree with that succinct statement but if you really think about it, where in modern society do we such wordplay, such poetic expression, such commentary, such emotion and feeling, and a wealth of [Keep Reading]

Fables and Sandman: Old Characters – New Spin

July 12, 2013

Fables: Volume 17 – Inherit the Wind by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, and Shwan McManus I discovered the world of Fables three years ago and I have read all of the trade paperbacks up to volume 17 now. The story really is [Keep Reading]

The Gate Thief

July 10, 2013

The Gate Thief by Orson Scott Card This was sitting on the new arrival shelf at the public library. I picked it up because I have always enjoyed Orson Scott Card’s work. I love his work in the genre of science fiction and the medium of comics [Keep Reading]
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