May 2013

  • Daredevil Ends with Shadowland

    Daredevil is my all-time favourite superhero. The work Frank Miller did in the first run of the comic book series completely revolutionized the entire medium of comics. The second run of the comic series began in 1998 and the title continued to soar. I never thought it would come to an end but it has […]

  • Teaching Tip – Guest Posts

    Welcome to Teaching Tip Tuesday! Every week I share with you a tip that I hope you will find useful in your teaching. You can visit the Teaching Tips Archive to see all of the tips in the order I have posted them over the years. Please check that page as I will continue to […]

  • The TARDIS Console Room Mega Set

    What’s better than Doctor Who and Lego? How about combining them both together to get a model kit of the TARDIS complete with four mini-figures including the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and River Song. Here is the completed model. It looks so cool! I like the alien landscape and the fact that the […]

  • Chasing Content – May 2007

    It’s time for a second edition of Chasing Content. Let’s dip back into the archive and explore what was happening here on the blog six years ago. Read all of the posts from May 2007 or just these gems What Happened to Respect? It seems not much has changed in the past six years. This […]

  • 10 More Embarrassing Things Star Trek Into Darkness

    We are going through Star Trek Into Darkness to illustrate just how dark a day this is for Star Trek fans everywhere. I cannot believe that they’ve made two horrible films in a row. And as bad as the 2009 reboot was, this sequel is even worse. It is practically unwatchable. Here’s why . . […]

  • 30 Disappointing Moments from Star Trek Into Darkness

    Why is the Enterprise in the Ocean? See #  2 We are going through Star Trek Into Darkness and looking at the 30 Disappointing moments in the film. Here are the 30 Things Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness. 11) Weird Photon Torpedoes  Scotty didn’t want these new weapons being loaded onto the ship. He […]

  • 30 Things Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness

    The latest Star Trek film is a train-wreck from beginning to end. There were only a few moments in the film that were actually tolerable. I’ve already written about my disappointment with Star Trek Into Darkness, but I decided to shed a little more light on the situation. This truly is a dark day for […]

  • My Classroom is a Laser Field

    “My kids have been getting really stir crazy the past few weeks… between bad weather, a muddy playground, and spring break jitters, they’re all too bored of the classroom. So I had to get creative.My TA and I took red streamer paper and made the room into a laser field.” How cool is that? “The […]

  • Doctor Who Lego?

    When I saw this fan-made Lego creation of the interior of the TARDIS, I was completely blown away. It was an incredible piece of art and something that I wished had come in a set. I would have bought it without a moment’s hesitation. You can find out about the construction of this wonder from […]

  • Star Trek Into Disappointment

    I was really hoping that the second film in the Star Trek reboot could capture the essence of the original movie franchise. I also wanted to enjoy a new Star Trek adventure. As such, I avoided all spoilers and promotion for Star Trek Into Darkness and watched the movie tonight with an open mind. My […]