February 2013

  • Amazing Black History Month Posters

    These are awesome! I really should have done more to celebrate Black History this month, but I try to do that as often as I can, and not just in February.

  • An Interview with Shanaya Fastje

    Today, we continue our discussion with Shanaya Fastje, author of Bully in the Mirror: Making Hate Stop When You Don’t Think You Can.” We’ve already had quite the discussion so far. If you want to go back and read Part 1 of the transcript, you can do that now. You can also stream the entire […]

  • Bully in the Mirror (Straight Talk about a Major Problem)

    Chase: “All right everybody, this is Chase March. I have a special guest on the program right now, author of “Bully in the Mirror: Making Hate Stop When You Don’t Think You Can,” Shanaya Fastje. You can read the transcript of the interview, stream in with the player below, or download it to listen to […]

  • Failure is Often the First Step in the Learning Process

    Tony Hawk is the greatest skateboarder the world has ever seen. But he didn’t get there without some pain, hard work, and lots of effort. He recently posted this on Facebook and I think it serves as food for thought. In everything we do, there is a learning curve. Tony Hawk didn’t fail with this […]

  • Know Your History 36 – The First Rap Record

    Welcome to Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. I’m your host Chase March and today I want to look at the first rap song ever. This is the transcript of the radio show. You can download the podcast or stream it with the player below. And if you like what you hear, […]

  • To Flip or Not to Flip (Is a Flipped Classroom the Way to Go?)

    What exactly is a “Flipped Classroom?”  Why do I keep coming across this term from different blogs and articles I am reading? Is this something I should try to do? These are all questions I have been asking myself over the past few weeks as I have been coming across the term “flipped classroom” more […]

  • Look Again (Great Reads)

    Look Again by Lisa Scottoline The premise of this novel was so scary that I wasn’t sure I even wanted to read it. It starts when a single mother receives a missing child flyer in the mail. The picture on the flyer looks exactly like her adopted son, Will. The reporter in her needs to […]

  • Hip Hop is in the Building (Networking Event)

    This is where I will be tonight. It’s more than a rap concert on a Friday night. It is a networking event designed to bring together different members of the hip-hop community in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area. It will be a great opportunity to meet artists, deejays, radio personalities, journalists, promoters, photographers, and many […]

  • Valentine’s Day is a Strange Beast

    I got over a 1,000 hits on my blog today. Most of which for were for a poem I wrote and posted as a Valentine’s Day surprise for my girlfriend two years ago. I wonder if I inspired any other love poems today? That would be a good thing if I did. I like being […]

  • A Good Story (Happens Outside of Fiction Too, Right?)

    I once had this fleeting connection with someone through a window while I was at working at a fast food restaurant. I always hoped fate would find a way for us to meet again at some other time, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. This short film reminds me of that encounter […]