January 2013

  • 101 Tips Music Teachers Should Know

    There are some great tips in this book that all music teachers can use. I took extensive notes as I read it and want to share some of them with you here. Smash Gender Stereotypes. Some people erroneously think certain instruments or professions  are better suited to certain genders. We can help teach students that […]

  • Ms. Marvel Plays the Violin?

    This is really cool. Ms. Marvel playing the violin. I think I’m in love. She also can play the Doctor Who theme. It’s really cool to see how creative people can be on YouTube. The split screen allows her to basically play a duet with herself. It’s a great sound and maybe it can inspire […]

  • Superman: The Mixtape

    Last year, on this very day, I dedicated a mixtape to one of the most iconic superheroes of our time, Batman. I decided to make this a tradition and to release another superhero-themed mixtape this year. This one is dedicated to the Man of Steel. There were so many great songs to choose from, and […]

  • Don’t Be So Critical (I Know it’s Hard)

    Cover of Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us “What people are afraid of isn’t failure. It’s blame. Criticism.” – Seth Godin from the book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us What an amazing observation. We’re afraid of people saying things like. . . “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.” “What a waste […]

  • Chasing Content – January 2008

    Chasing Content is a feature on Silent Cacophony that has us looking back at the best posts of the month that was. Today, we travel back to 2008 to see what was happening here on the blog five years ago. You can read all of the posts from January 2008 . . .  or just […]

  • Report Card Comments

    Report card comments should be specific to the child. Each comment should reflect what your student has accomplished in the reporting period, what areas they may have had trouble in, and next steps for improvement. It can feel like a huge undertaking when first starting to come up with your own personalized comments. The comments […]

  • Some Music Really is Garbage

    I was better off when I thought this was merely fiction. It’s hard to imagine that poverty exists to this extent. The timing of this is also something because just today I blogged about that book and then I come across this video. Cateura, Paraguay is a town essentially built on top of a landfill. […]

  • Chasing Content – January 2009

    The one bad thing about blogs is how quickly the posts get buried in the archives. It’s sometimes hard to stroll through the olds posts and relive the great articles and content that get published on a blog. I try my best to make my content easily accessible. At the start of each month, I […]

  • The 5 Pillars of the Music Business

    “The music business was built around five pillars: Free radio promotion  A limited number of competing music labels The high cost of production, requiring musicians to get financing from labels The Top 40 hits-based focus of the baby boomer generation A high margin, nonreproducible medium (the LP) One by one, each of these five pillars […]

  • The Word is Bond Podcast

    Check it out, my podcast is now on the first page of the hip-hop category. I’ve been working hard to bring you the best in underground hip-hop, music, and talk each and every week. I’m on the radio Saturday nights with Daddy J. Our show is called DOPEfm and you can tune it in on 93.3 […]