May 2012

  • Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day

    Tomorrow, Saturday May 5th, is Free Comic Book Day.  It’s an annual event that encourages us all to visit our local comic book shops. There will be all sort of incentives available such as artists signings, contests, and of course, free comic books. Here is a list of creators and artists you can find at […]

  • A Photographic Tour of Embro Conservation Area

    Embro Conservation Area is located in South Western, Ontario and is part of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Embro is also home to the annual Zorra Highland Games. As you can see from this trail map, there are several different trails that wind through the conservation area. It starts out with a grass trail beside the […]

  • Chasing Content – May 2011

    This month promises to be a good one here at Silent Cacophony. Running season has started and I will be out and about with my camera exploring some new trails. As such, you can look forward to weekly photographic tours this month. I will also be posting the transcript of the interview I did with […]

  • The Only Video or Audio Response Worksheet You’ll Ever Need

    Here it is, the only audio or video response worksheet you will ever need.  Well, maybe that’s a little presumptuous but this worksheet does have multiple applications and uses. It wouldn’t hurt to have a class set of these on standby for those days when you end up watching a video or listening to a […]