May 2012

  • Millennium Trail System – Woodstock Running Tour

    I love finding new trails to run and bringing along my camera to give you a visual tour of the route. For today’s photographic tour, we are going to explore the Youth Start Trail in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. I had never run this trail before so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. The map […]

  • Teaching Tips – Language Arts

    Welcome to Teaching Tip Tuesday! Every week I share with you a tip that I hope you will find useful in your teaching. You can visit the Teaching Tips Archive to see all of the tips in the order I have posted them over the years. Please check that page as I will continue to […]

  • Ender’s Game Prequel Rocks!*

    Orson Scott Card created one of the best science fiction series of all-time with the novel Ender’s Game. The first book was absolutely amazing and it was hard to believe that he could top the success of it, but he did. The second book in the series, Speaker for the Dead, is just as brilliant […]

  • Money Stax on Why It’s Never Enough (Interview Part 3)

    Chase: “Let’s play one more song and then come back and wrap this up. We’re talking to Money Stax from Viscous Cycle, and Monopoly, and the Co-op, among other things. This is part 3 of the transcript for the blog. In case you missed any of it, you can go back and read it from […]

  • Money Stax on Truth in Hip-Hip (interview and download)

    Let’s jump right back into the transcript of the interview I did with rapper, Money Stax. You can listen to the interview with the player below or download the podcast for free. This is Part 2 of the transcript, of you missed Part 1, you can go back and read the entire interview from the […]

  • Money Stax Interview

    Chase: “All right everybody, this is Chase March and we have a special guest for you tonight. Money Stax is on our phone lines. You can download this podcast for free right now, stream it with the player below, or just continue reading. Thanks for tuning in! Money Stax is an excellent rapper and I’m […]

  • Clark Wright Conservation Area (A History of the Family)

    One of the most popular features on my blog is my Photographic Tours. My goal in starting the feature was to document the different trails I came across.As such, it has become a running log of sorts and a guide for people wanting to find some great trails. I hadn’t thought much about the history […]

  • What Teachers Actually Do (It’s Much More Than You Thought)

    I found this lovely graphic on Tumblr and I just had to highlight it here on this blog. A lot of people don’t understand what teaching is all about. I come across people who frequently belittle my chosen profession or who really don’t understand why I do what I do. Here is a great video […]

  • Superheroes, Time Travellers, and Fairy Tales (Graphic Novels Have it All)

    I am continuing my mission to record every book I read over the course of this year. So far, you have seen hip-hop memoirs, novels, and the  first batch of graphic novels. I love that you can get graphic novels from the library. Here are the latest ones that I have borrowed. Doctor Who – The […]

  • Maestro Inspires and Entertains

    Maestro Fresh Wes is a hip-hop pioneer. He was the first Canadian rapper to have a Top 40 hit and was the biggest selling hip-hop artist out of Canada prior to Drake. Even people who don’t consider themselves to be rap fans are familiar with his work. “Let Your Backbone Slide” still bumps at parties and clubs […]