March 2012

  • Friday Night Lights – The Mixtape

    I wanted to pay tribute to one of the finest television programs I have ever seen.  Friday Night Lights is set in a small Texas town that is completely dedicated to, and obsessed, with high school football. I never watched the show during its original run but I recently discovered it on DVD. By the […]

  • Women in Hip-Hop Mixset 2

    This is the second mixset that Gamma Krush did for our 2nd annual International Women’s Day Spectacular for DOPEfm. You can download it for free or stream it with the player below. We celebrated the day by dedicating all seven hours of our programming to the Women in Hip-Hop. If you missed the show or if you […]

  • How to Beat Match and Mix Like a Pro

    Beat matching is the art of laying two tracks over top of each other when transitioning between songs in a DJ set. It’s a difficult task and several things need to fall in to place to make a seamless mix. First, the two songs should be fairly close in tempo. You can sometimes judge this by looking […]

  • The Book Whisperer – Get Your Students Reading!

    The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Read in Every Child by Donalyn Miller is an amazing book. She writes . . . The only groups served by current trends to produce endless programs for teaching reading are the publishing companies who make billions of dollars from their programs and tests. I’ve know that for a […]

  • Silent Cacophony Turns 5!

    In March of 2007 I started this blog with a very specific goal. I wanted to become a published author and thought it would be a great idea to establish a presence online. So I started this blog with the goal and desire to become a published author within five years. Well, tomorrow, this little blog […]

  • Women in Hip-Hop Mixset 1

    Every year on DOPEfm we celebrate International Women’s Day by dedicating all seven hours of our overnight radio show to the Women in Hip-Hop. This year we had an excellent show featuring artist interviews, a roundtable discussion, a Know Your History segment on the first lady of Canadian Hip-Hop, Michie Mee, and some great mixsets […]

  • DOPEfm’s International Women’s Day Special

    Welcome to a very special edition of DOPEfm. This is our second annual International Women’s Day Spotlight where we focus all seven hours of our programming to the Women in Hip-Hop. We have a lot of great content for you tonight including a roundtable discussion with three female MCs and a female hip-hop promoter. Here […]

  • OK Go (and) Show This Video to Your Class

    OK Go are just as much visual artists as they are musical artists. Their videos are absolutely amazing. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have created this educational video about the primary colours. It’s perfect to share with your class when introducing this concept and the colour wheel. And then you could show […]

  • T-shirts: The Last Great Vestige for Art

    I found all of these T-shirts on Tumblr. I even ordered of one of them as a present. Very cool! Flash Drive – what a nice visual pun. Get it? Paper clips look so sad (usually) TGIF! Disc jockeys break records. That’s how it should be! Mown. What a bad pun. Moan! So true! The […]

  • A Gift Every 56 Days

    Image via Wikipedia Every 56 days, I take some time out of my busy schedule to do something very important, something that only about 3.5% of us do. I give blood. I don’t have to go out of my way to do so either. Canadian Blood Services has many permanent clinics in cities all over […]