March 2011

  • 300 Tapes

    This crate of cassette tapes had been tucked away in the bottom of a storage closet for quite some time. This weekend, I decided to unearth these old gems. I have hundred of tapes here, many of which are hip-hop mix shows that I recorded straight from the radio. I decided that I wanted to […]

  • 5 Word Study Strategies to Use in Your Classroom

    1) Scrabble Nab-It I really like this variation of the famous Scrabble game. It is especially effective to use for the primary or junior classrooms since it doesn’t use a game board and the students don’t have to calculate scores. Each player gets a tile bag with letter tiles of that same colour. Unlike the […]

  • Junos Failed to Represent

    When the nominations for tonight’s Juno Awards were announced way back in February, I was very excited to see how well hip-hop had been represented. I looked forward to a great show. Now that the closing credits have rolled, I feel the need to vent my frustrations. The Junos didn’t live up to their incredible potential. […]

  • Battle Scars

    Remember what my skateboard looked like two weeks ago when I first bought it? Here it is after some March Break skating. It’s normal for your skateboard to get a bit scratched and banged up after only a few rides. They are built to take some major punishment. You can see that I’ve scraped some […]

  • My Logo is Everywhere

    My logo now adorns the skate park in glorious colour. It is also there is stunning red. And in cool black! I made this stencil out of cereal box card. I love the way it looks against the blue sky. I made a few more improvements to the park as well. I really hated going […]

  • 10 Effective Ways to Get Around Writer’s Block (Guest Post)

    Sometimes, it’s hard to be a writer. You get the best and worst of both the “artsy” and “practical” worlds. You use the building blocks of language to communicate with other people, often about very specific thoughts, ideas, emotions, plans, instructions, and many other things.  You also use language to create art, which is a […]

  • It Takes 5 Years To Become a Teacher

    Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr As I started my fifth year of teaching, I felt a confidence I had never felt before. Something just clicked and I realized that I finally knew what I was doing. Up until that point, it felt like I had been treading water. I went in to the classroom […]

  • Women in Hip-Hop Set 4

    I hope you’ve enjoyed DOPEfm’s tribute to the Women in Hip-Hop. You can download this final mix set for free, or stream it with the player below. Daddy J, Gamma Krush, and I put a lot of effort into this show. We compiled eight hours of quality radio to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of International […]

  • Women in Hip-Hop Set 3

    DOPEfm paid tribute to the Women in Hip-Hop for International Women’s Day. This is the 3rd of 4 mix sets that Gamma Krush did for the show. You can download this mix set for free or stream it with the player below. Enjoy! Music Playlist at

  • Women in Hip-Hop Set 2

    DOPEfm paid tribute to the Women in Hip-Hop for International Women’s Day. This is the 2nd of 4 mix sets that Gamma Krush did for the show. I hope you had the chance to download the introduction I did for the show, the Kadyelle Interview, and Mix Set 1. You can download Mix Set 2 for […]