January 2011

Chasing Content – February 2010

January 31, 2011

Image via Wikipedia The chase is on! It’s time to hunt down that elusive content that tries to leave us in the dust and tuck away into the archives. We do this at the start of each and every month here at Silent Cacophony and highlight the [Keep Reading]

Know Your History: Season 1

January 29, 2011

Know Your History is a half radio program I produce for DOPEfm that focuses on the rich history of rap music and hip-hop culture. As a hip-hop historian, I wanted an outlet to celebrate this music that I hold so dear to my heart. This show allows me [Keep Reading]

Know Your History – Gangsta Rap

January 28, 2011

Rap music comes in many different shapes, forms, and styles. To the casual listener though, there may only appear to be two distinct categories of rap. First, we have artists like Solja Boy or The Black Eyed Peas. These artists put out music with [Keep Reading]

Ten Intentions for a Better Classroom

January 27, 2011

I found this on Tumblr today and my first thought was, “Wow! I’d love to adopt this for my classroom.” I like how it uses the word intent. These aren’t rules. These are ideals, and while we might not always be able to live [Keep Reading]

Teaching Tip – Visual Prompts

January 25, 2011

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t expect my Grade 3 students to write a thousand words but I do want to see them writing. Perhaps with a little encouragement, they will write longer and more detailed compositions.  [Keep Reading]

Rap Calls Attention to Real Issues

January 24, 2011

Image by 216 wear via Flickr In the 1980s rap exploded in popularity. This allowed a brand new voice to be added to popular discourse, the voice of the black man.  Rap groups started to call attention to issues such as racism, freedom of [Keep Reading]

Know Your History: Episode 11 – Political Rap

January 22, 2011

Some people think hip-hop is totally devoid of a message. Granted, there are songs that are meant to be fun and pointless, but you will find this in any genre of music. Likewise, you will also find plenty of songs that carry a deep message to them, [Keep Reading]

Hear This – Cradle Orchestra

January 20, 2011

I came across this amazing album by Cradle Orchestra quite by chance. Sometimes all it takes is a name or a creative album cover to catch my attention. This one certainly did that. It’s called “Transcended Elements.” As I scanned [Keep Reading]

Alan Davis Autograph

January 19, 2011

Alan Davis is a comic book artist and has been producing published work since 1979. He has worked on Batman and The Outiders, The Uncanny X-men, JLA, Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-man, and countless other titles. I found this autographed copy of [Keep Reading]

Teaching Tip – Get Them Writing

January 18, 2011

Image via Wikipedia Our students need to be writing every day. Unfortunately, some of my students don’t see a purpose behind their morning journal. I have students who simply won’t start writing anything. They will talk to their [Keep Reading]
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