July 2010

  • Eternia Interview

    DOPEfm has always shown Eternia love. She’s dropped some classic jams over the past ten years and we always spin her music.  I finally got the chance to meet her last month at her album release party in Toronto. She was so cool in person that I must say that I love her even more now.  […]

  • Celebrating our Athletes

    I compiled all of the coverage I got from Inspiring a Dream: Celebrating London’s Olympic Athletes into one radio program. There are two parts to this show to allow for a commercial break at the half hour mark. In addition to the interviews I’ve run on this blog, I’ve added content that I recorded from […]

  • Warrior in a Wheelchair

    The Winter Olympics energized the community and had Londoners feeling pride at the accomplishments of our amazing athletic heroes. We wanted to welcome them home with a huge celebration in February but unfortunately things couldn’t quite come together then. The athletes had commitments and continued to remain busy for weeks afterwards. However, we finally had […]

  • D-sisive, Legendary MC?

    I saw D-sisive at the Toronto Freedom Festival earlier this year when I was there covering the event for DOPEfm. Canadian hip-hop legend Saukrates was performing and he brought D-sisive out on stage with him. They have a song together, “Wednesday, the remix” that will be appearing on the new Saukrates album “Season One” and […]

  • D-sisive, In The Right Place and Time

    D-sisive got compared to Eminem a lot in the early stages of his career. I don’t think it was exactly a fair comparison. Eminem tried to be shocking with his material. D-sisive on the other hand was just your straight battle MC. Of course, they both were able to turn a phrase to have audiences […]

  • D-sisive Now

    I remember when D-sisive first came out. I was simply blown away at how he could get on the mic and destroy anybody who would dare to battle him in a cipher. He was an animal on the mic and it was obvious how much passion he had for hip-hop. He had great witty punchlines, […]

  • D-Sisive Then

    D-sisive is a familiar name to most Canadian hip-hop enthusiasts. In 1995, he started to garner a lot of attention for his witty punchlines and ferocious skill on the mic. He’s dropped some pretty classic jams over the years starting with his debut EP, J.A.C. back in 1997. In 2000, he was featured on the […]

  • Wicked Skatepark – Wicked Wipeout!

    It’s a good thing it’s summer holidays and I don’t have to go into a classroom tomorrow morning. If it were a school day, I would have wobbled in awkwardly.  The students would have all asked, “What happened?” and I’d end up sharing another skateboard injury story. But I thought I’d share the story with […]

  • Visual Running Tours

    I love finding new places to run. I often take my camera along with me and stop every few minutes to snap a picture. This way I can present you with a photographic story that captures the scenery of my run. This post will serve as a table of contents page for these Visual Running […]

  • Visual Tour Clark Wright C.A.

    I love finding new places to go for a trail run. It’s fun to bring my camera along with me to present these Visual Tours as well. I’ve been running for months already this year but I have been hitting the same trails I shared with you already. That was until early this week when […]