July 2010

Chasing Content – August 2009

July 31, 2010

It’s that time again. As we approach a brand new month, we think of all the potential that lie in front of us over the next 31 days. Welcome to the latest installment of Chasing Content. This feature allows us to look back and see where Silent [Keep Reading]

Q&A vs Articles

July 30, 2010

I’m extremely lucky to be doing what I am doing. I never thought that my blog would open up so many doors for me. I started it primarily to be a platform to get my name known so that I could eventually get some of my fiction published. That was [Keep Reading]

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Autograph

July 29, 2010

It was amazing to watch Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. They were just breath-taking on the ice. They captured the hearts of Canadians and viewers across the world while they also took home Gold Medals. I still [Keep Reading]

A Beautiful Symbol

July 28, 2010

You can learn a lot from fiction, even a comic book. The panels below are from Y: The Last Man. This brief conversation made me pause and consider something that I’d never thought about before.  Good fiction can always do that. [Keep Reading]

Just Woke Up (A Picture Story)

July 27, 2010

It feels like I just woke up. Like I’ve been asleep since February. I didn’t recognize the darkness because it has speckles of light in it. Something changed recently. I don’t know what exactlybut things are not nearly as dark now. [Keep Reading]

The Auto Shop Waiting Room

July 26, 2010

No one here is creative.They silently sit and watch golf on the television,I mean, golf?Who finds that in the least bit entertaining? The newspaper sits untouched.I’ve been here for two hoursand the magazine rack,beautifully stoked,has not [Keep Reading]

73 Minutes of DOPE

July 25, 2010

DOPEfm is an overnight hip-hop show that airs on 93.3 CFMU from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada each and every Saturday night. The show was created by Daddy J and is co-hosted by Gamma Krush and myself. If you missed the show this week, here’s the [Keep Reading]

Eternia Interview Concludes

July 24, 2010

Say it ain’t so. Our time with Eternia is nearly up. Don’t fret boys and girls, you can download the interview for free so you can listen to it whenever you want. We had a great discussion and played some amazing music as well. So without [Keep Reading]

Eternia Interview Part 3

July 23, 2010

I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to this interview. Eternia is just fire on the mic, controls the crowd when she hits the stage, is a cool down-to-earth person, and drops amazing hip-hop. Case in point is this track, The BBQ Remix featuring [Keep Reading]

Eternia Interview Part 2

July 22, 2010

Chase: “I’m back with Eternia. Thanks for tuning in. Remember you can download this interview for free.  So Eternia, you actually documented your road to success and you had a whole documentary video series leading up to you getting signed. [Keep Reading]
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