July 2009

  • Windchill Interview Part 3

    This is the third part of the interview transcript. To hear the entire show for free, please go and download the podcast. If you want to read the interview and catch some YouTube videos, make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2. And without further ado, here is part 3. CHASE: “Alright we’re […]

  • Windchill Interview Part 2

    If you missed Part 1 of this interview, be sure to check it out. We are speaking with Windchill Factor from Artists Over Industry and After.Words. This interview aired on Dope FM radio and is now available as a free podcast. Go download it and while you are there make sure to subscribe so you […]

  • Windchill Interview

    Last week I had the honour and privilege of interviewing an amazingly gifted MC by the name of WindchILL. If you are not familiar with this cat’s music, please check out this interview that Gamma Krush and I did Dope FM. It is available as a podcast so please go download it for free and […]

  • My Lengthy Recap

    I met my soul mate shortly after Valentine’s Day this year. And maybe I knew I’d find her because on February 4th I wrote, “I’m ready to move on. It’s been a long time since my heart was broken. But I don’t want to go looking for my true soul mate. I figure that if […]

  • Happy Canada Day!

    HAPPY CANADA DAY EVERYONE! Today Canada celebrates its 142nd birthday. Here is some information about my great country.  Canada’s population estimate: 33,592,686 Canada’s Capital City: Ottawa Check out Classified’s tribute to Canada from his latest album, Self Explanatory.  http://thoughtfulcacophony.blogspot.com/2009/07/ohcanada.html