December 2008


December 31, 2008

It’s a good thing to reflect on your life and realize that there are some things that are worth changing. Today a lot of us will be examining our lives in detail as we prepare ourselves for a brand new year. As such, it may seem like a fresh [Keep Reading]

Best and Worst of 2008

December 29, 2008

Here is my annual Best and Worst of list. Best Athlete – Usain Bolt He was amazing to watch during the Summer Olympics. I love running, and watching these games was very exciting. Bolt was unbelievable. Best Album – Water Street I have been a [Keep Reading]

Merry Christmas to All

December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season. I will be taking a bit of a break from my blogging routine to enjoy the holidays. I will post my annual Best and Worst of the Year list next week. You can also look forward [Keep Reading]

Break the Rule or Not?

December 22, 2008

I use and but and so to start sentences often in my writing. It just feels right. The tone is more conversational and seems to have a better flow. But does it make for good writing? I’ve asked this question before. But I feel like I need to [Keep Reading]

Ripped off – But Safe

December 19, 2008

The kids in my class were looking forward to the last day of school and our Christmas party. They’d been asking about it all week. I prepared some games for us to play together this morning. Several students told me that they were bringing in [Keep Reading]

Student – Teacher Disconnect

December 18, 2008

I went to a two-day workshop two weeks ago that was quite enlightening. One of the presenters told us how prepared he was for every class he ever taught. He had all the curriculum expectations that he was covering written down on his lesson plans. [Keep Reading]

My Fight with the Photocopier

December 17, 2008

– I was trying to copy a large double-sided worksheet for my students– I set the machine to the 2 sided to 2 sided copy– The paper selector automatically sets it to 11×17 ledger-sized– I’m all set– I hit [Keep Reading]

The Choir

December 16, 2008

My TV is so old that it doesn’t even have a remote control. To change channels or adjust the volume, I actually have to get off of the couch. I also only have rabbit ears so I don’t get very many stations. I get channel 10, 69, 71, 91, [Keep Reading]

Arts – Academics – Athletics

December 15, 2008

The 3 A’s; arts, academics, and athletics. These are the three components of a good education. I hadn’t really thought of it in those terms before. But as soon as I heard another teacher mention this at the workshop I attended two weeks [Keep Reading]

Sweatshop Union Interview Podcast

December 14, 2008

My Sweatshop Union interview hit the airwaves of Hamilton and the world last night. Look out! If you weren’t tuned in to the radio station last night, don’t fret. You can download it at the Dope FM web page. You can listen to it here, if [Keep Reading]
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