November 2008

  • Stress, Perception, and Reality

    I have been under a lot of stress this year. I thought I knew how to write good report cards. I’ve done it enough times over the years. The problem is that each principal has his or her own ideas of what they want to see on these things. I had an idea of what […]

  • Inspiration From Television

    I really enjoyed watching Battlestar Galactica Season 2.0 on DVD this week. The shows is really well done. It is brilliantly writing and acted, and has a lot of suspense and action. (If you haven’t seen this show yet, there are spoilers ahead.) Science fiction is great for shining a light on real life situations […]

  • TV on DVD

    I am lucky enough to live a few blocks away from a branch of the public library. It certainly came in handy last week during the huge snowstorm. School was cancelled and I wasn’t going to drive anywhere. I felt like I needed the break and I just wanted to relax and watch some television. […]

  • What’s It Mean?

    I’ve picked up a few stock phrases that my dad always used to use when I was a kid. I’ve done the same thing with my some of my grandpa’s phrases. I never thought twice about what some of those phrases meant. They just sounded cool and it spewed them out with pride. When I […]

  • Computer Attacks!

    I’ve been getting some really annoying pop-ups lately. I think I know why but I have no idea how to stop them. I’ve run several virus scans. I’ve deleted all unnecessary files on my computer. I’ve searched the add or remove programs function from the control panel and couldn’t find anything suspicious. Yet I keep […]

  • Say No to Gift Cards

    Gift cards seem to be all the rage these days. Retailers seem to have convinced us that they are the way to go. They make a lot of sense. If you don’t know what to buy for someone, get them a gift card. It’s quick and easy and it shows that you put some thought […]

  • Life Gives Us What We Need

    I have not been feeling one hundred percent this week. I’ve had a scratchy throat and that is usually the first sign that I am coming down with something. I have been quite tired too. I’ve been going to bed early and drinking lots of orange juice to stave off a cold. I thought about […]

  • Bush Babees

    I used to tape music videos when I was younger. I made several Beta tape collections of great rap videos. Those tapes are long gone. But thanks to YouTube we can still watch some old classic rap videos. Today, I wanted to look back at one of favourite groups of the 90s. They only put […]

  • Feel Good Interpretation

    I am trying to write a blog entry while Jeopardy is on the television behind me. I am only half paying attention to the Teen Tournament because my time is awfully short these days. I would like to be watching the show and giving it my undivided attention but I can’t. I don’t have any […]

  • NaRepCarWritMo

    I wish I had the time to work on a novel right now. I would love to be part of the National Novel Writing Month. I have been working on something probably just as huge as a novel though. I’ve been putting a lot of work into these things too. They will be published and […]