September 2008

  • Getting Things Right

    It’s often hard to get things done right the first time. Life is one learning experience after another. And even though I am a teacher, I will forever be a student because I am constantly learning. That’s what life is about. So here is what I learned this week. 1) Things never run smoothly We […]

  • Chase March – on a podcast!

    As you know, I am passionate about hip-hop music. Well, yesterday, I got to take my passion to the airwaves. I joined the crew of Dope FM to help interview a rap group. Dope FM is one of the best hip-hop shows in Canada. It is broadcast every week from the campus of McMaster University […]

  • Day Off for them Not Me

    Today is a P.A. Day, which is short for Professional Activity Day. The students get the day off so that us teachers can sit in on workshops and in-service meetings. Sometimes these workshops can be quite good, but most of the time I find that they offer me very little. If I can walk away […]

  • Rabbits Ears and Wireless Internet

    I get three channels on my TV that come in quite well. For the most part, that is enough for me. But I really wanted to watch the season premiere of Heroes on Monday. The problem was that it was on a channel that doesn’t really come in. So I moved my rabbit ears every […]

  • Things I said I’d never do

    I’ve made a lot of promises in my life. I’d like to think that I kept most of them but the truth is I haven’t. I don’t think I’m too much different than most people. I have good intentions and reasons, but then again, I can justify almost anything. It’s a skill I’ve gotten quite […]

  • A Teacher’s Lunch

    “Seeing a teacher’s actual lunch is, like, so depressing.” Angela on My So-Called Life This quote has been running over and over in my head whenever I have to eat lunch with my students. It comes from a TV show where a teenage girl is asked to stay after class by a teacher. The teacher […]

  • The Entire School Ran

    On Friday, here, I wrote about my favourite running star, Allyson Felix. Today, I need to write about a running hero. Terry Fox lost a leg to cancer and ran across the country to raise awareness and money for the cause. Since then Terry Fox runs have been a yearly event in cities all across […]

  • I Hate Itunes

    Itunes is pretty easy to use and can sure be addictive. I’ve bought two albums off of it so far. I also bought three single songs. And I’ve subscribed to 16 podcasts and downloaded over 40 different shows. I imported a few of my favourite Cds too. So what’s not to love you ask? Well […]

  • Allyson Felix

    How can you not love this girl? I just found her website and it is really worth checking out. This is an inspirtional video, and only one of several that are there. Check it out. I am such a big fan of her’s. She did a great job in Beijing this year. I’ll be looking […]

  • Conjuction Junction What’s Your Function?

    I teach students all the time that conjunctions are to be used in the middle of sentences only. “You can not start at sentence with a conjunction. A conjunction is used to join words or phrases together. If a conjunction is at the start of a sentence it isn’t doing its job.” I’ve actually said […]