April 2008

  • Why Do You Throw Bottles?

    I have been to lots of concerts. I really enjoy live music and I respect the musicians who tour around to give us a good show. The one thing I don’t understand at these shows is the audience. There are always a few people in the audience who seem to have absolutely no respect for […]

  • Myth Revisited

    Last April I wrote a blog entry entitled Global Warming Myth. I just reread it and it is amazing how it still resonates. Last April, we were getting record low temperatures and snow. Up until last week, I thought it was now spring. Except, we seem to be getting a repeat of last year’s weather. […]

  • Ladies First

    Hip-hop is a culture that everyone can participate in. But where are the ladies? They are severely underrepresented in this genre. Why is that? XM radio 65 explored this topic all weekend. The extended the Ladies First radio program to celebrate everything female in hip-hop. It was nice to hear all the great songs from […]

  • The Promotion of Human Welfare

    I read this great essay and within it was this quotation, “…it would be far more socially beneficial to induce men to accept the promotion of human welfare on earth as their major purpose in life.” That is beautiful! Think about it for one moment. Imagine what would happen if everyone looked out for one […]

  • What is Story?

    A Myth is simply a story that tries to explain the way the world works. We behave in certain ways due to the myths that we support. Myths, in and of themselves, have nothing to do with religion. Myths transcend religion and affect each and everyone one of us, whether we have religious convictions or […]

  • Extent of My Vocabulary

    I read somewhere that Shakespeare had a vocabulary of over 30,000 words. Apparently, this is a huge amount and most people don’t have such an extensive vocabulary. This got me thinking about the size and content of my vocabulary. So I’ve decided I am going to measure my vocabulary. The problem is, I’m not sure […]

  • A Thing of Beauty

    I watched the Boston Marathon this morning and it was a thing of beauty. I just have so much respect and admiration for the athletes. Running a marathon is not something that everyone can do. I like to think that I might be able to do it, if I trained really hard and extensively but […]

  • I’ve been Brushing Wrong!

    I went to the dentist last week for a regular cleaning. I talked to the hygienist about a sensitive area in my teeth. She told me that the enamel on my teeth has been eroded over the years. I asked her why and she said it could be because of how I brush my teeth. […]

  • What is Reality?

    What is Reality? It seems like such a simple question? But it is related to a myriad of other questions. What makes up reality? Are we here for a reason? Is there such thing as fate? Is there a grand design to the universe? Is there a supreme being that sees over everything? What composes […]

  • Deprived of Emotional Needs

    I think some kids are growing up deprived of their emotional needs. Everyone knows what the physical needs are. Children need food and shelter and parents work hard to make sure they get these things. However, I believe that some parents go overboard providing things for their children. Many adults work hard to give their […]