March 2008

  • Teaching The Hats We Wear

    A teacher’s job goes well beyond the curriculum. It actually doesn’t even start with the curriculum. It starts with something a lot simpler. But simple things are often the hardest things to teach. Math is easy in comparison to the lessons that I want my students to leave my classroom with at the end of […]

  • Year Two of My Five-Year Mission

    So I guess today officially starts year two of my five-year mission. I had a plan when I started this blog. I wanted to develop my name as a writer. I wanted to write as much as I could over a five-year period with the goal to have some of my work published at the […]

  • Blog Birthday

    Silent Cacophony turns one today. Happy Birthday! It’s almost hard to believe that it has been a year since I made my first post. I really enjoy blogging. I hope you enjoy reading it. I want to thank everyone who has ever supported me or left a comment. I don’t think I would be doing […]

  • First Time on The Winter Road

    People who don’t live in the far north probably have no idea what a winter road is. The truth is there are a lot of communities in northern Ontario that do not have a road running into them. These communities have airstrips and for most of the year, this is the only way into the […]

  • Jericho – Perfect Television

    I watched the season finale of Jericho last night. This is television at its finest. It was absolutely perfect. The writing on this show has been stellar since the very first episode last season. The story has been compelling and the action and suspense has risen with each new episode. I can’t say enough good […]

  • Improving Self Through Others

    When I was younger, I used to put myself down at every available opportunity. I did it in what I thought was witty and funny ways. I did it so much that it actually became a problem. I then found a girl that I really liked and a relationship developed. She wouldn’t let me put […]

  • A Brief History of Hip-Hop Conclusion – Hip Hop is Alive and Well

    Read The Introduction, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9 10 11 When Nas came out with Hip Hop is Dead last year it sparked a lot of debate. Some people were angry that he could say such a thing. I understood where he was coming from and agreed with him. It […]

  • A Brief History of Hip-Hop Part 11 – East vs. West

    Read The Introduction, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9 10 Since its very beginnings, hip-hop has had distinct regional sounds. The art form was born in the Bronx but even then there were distinct styles in three different sections of the town. In the late 1970’s DJ’s three DJs were representing the sound of their respective neighbourhoods. Kool Herc held down […]

  • Too Attached to Image

    I find a lot of people are taken aback or surprised by the fact that I am so passionate about hip-hop. I don’t seem to fit the typical audience. It throws people off. I love hip-hop music and culture but I try to remain open to other forms and genres of music. I think that […]

  • Album Spotlight # 6

    2Pacalypse Now by 2Pac This is the debut album from “the greatest emcee to ever touch a mic,” at least I have been proclaiming that ever since I was first introduced to this amazing artist. There is something intangible about his music. It could be the raw emotion that he seems to evoke on every […]