September 2007

  • Recommended Reads # 3

    On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King This book is part autobiography part writing manual. It is an excellent read for anyone who anyone who writes. King shares his story and advice on how to write. He examines many aspects of writing that he finds essential to the craft. I learned a […]

  • Bloggers Against Abuse

    I got an email notifying me of this campaign and I decided that it was something that I wanted to be a part of. There are thousands, if not millions of blogs out there. What if we all stood together and spoke up about abuse? Maybe just maybe, we could make a difference. Today is […]

  • Joan of Arcadia (in reverse)

    I watched a television show last night that I can only describe as Joan of Arcadia in reverse. The show is called Reaper and it revolves around a young man who discovers that his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. The devil comes to collect on his twenty-first birthday and […]

  • Commonplace Book # 3

    “He’s like a lot of men. They’re horrible until they fall in love.”When Harry Met Sally. DVD commentary to the film. When Harry Met Sally is probably one of the best films ever made. I can watch it over and over again. I love absolutely love it. I watched it with the commentary on one […]

  • Time Poured In

    It is amazing how much work needs to be done right at the start of the school year. I have been so busy inside the classroom. It took me a while to set it up and get my routines running smoothly. In fact, we are still figuring out what works best for this new crop […]

  • Hate Me and Blame Me

    I caught a song on the radio quite some time ago that has stayed with me. It was called “Hate Me” by Blue October. The song is poetic and really got me thinking. The singer is speaking from the heart and he is basically giving an ex-lover permission to hate him. He sings, “Hate me […]

  • Make a Difference

    Music Videos are great. I can sit there and watch them for hours. And I did just that on the weekend. I flipped around from Much Music, BET, and Much Vibe for a few hours and then kept Much Vibe on as I did housework. I caught a great video from DL Incognito called “Make […]

  • Commonplace Tuesdays

    Commonplace books used to be a lot more “common,” for lack of a better term. It seems that they have fallen out of popularity. However, many of the famous quotation sites on the Internet are really just digital commonplace books. In the dictionary a commonplace book is defined as “a book of memorabilia.” Commonplace is […]

  • Hip Hop at the Emmys

    The Emmy Awards were on television last night and they tried a few new things in the telecast. They had the cast of each show sitting together encircling a round stage. It was an interesting concept that didn’t really seem to work. The show looked great on television but half of the audience was always […]

  • Cheer Each Other

    ECD continues to influence me in surprising ways. He started up a second blog, a sister blog as he calls it. He wrote about the idea of it two weeks ago. He wanted to have a community blog where women could all contribute. He seemed to get a lot of support for his idea and […]