1000th Post Celebration

I hereby declare this Silent Cacophony Day! 

Let’s observe this day as an international holiday.


Because today marks a milestone here for this blog.

This is my 1000th post.

It’s exciting to have reached this many posts in four years.

I started this blog as a vehicle to establish myself as a serious writer. I set off on a five year mission to get something published. That was my goal.

Of course, this blog became much more than I had ever expected. It became a place for me to share some of my best teaching practices. It led me to become part of a radio show and conduct several artist interviews.  That led me to create and produce a half hour radio show dedicated to the art and history of hip-hop music. 

Of course, now I realize that I am still quite a ways off from realizing my original goal. I need to start revising my writing and sending out queries. I have two works in particular that I believe will be of interest to publishers.

So far, I have enjoyed this ride immensely. I really love what I am doing and have no plans to quit.

I’d like to thank each and every visitor, reader, commenter, guest poster, and anyone who has taken the time to read my words. I could not have done this without you.

I vandalized an image from The Mega Penny Project for this post and I apologize for my blatant graffiti art. The image shows one thousand pennies formed into a cube. How could I not overlay my logo onto that for my 1000th post? I mean seriously.

Here’s to the next thousand. Thanks for being here with me.

Time to celebrate!

7 responses to “1000th Post Celebration”

  1. Hi Chase .. CONGRATULATIONS .. wow 1,000 posts – excellent news and in five years ..

    So pleased to hear blogging has exceeded your expectations .. and that you have two works that stack up … good luck in revising them and their submission.

    As you say .. here's to the next thousand .. whoooo-hoooo .. cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Thanks for celebrating with me!

    And just think, if every post were a penny, I'd have ten whole dollars to spend right now on this little party.

    Cheers (with the imaginary virtual drinks provided)

  3. Hi Braveheart,

    Your dashboard will actually tell you how many posts you have. The only problem is that it does count drafts. This post was the thousandth one that I published but I do have a handful of drafts I didn't include in the number.

    Still, 1000 posts feels pretty good. I bet you've done just as many with your two blogs combined.

    I like to keep track by having the archive on the side bar. I can easily see that I have published 13 posts this month. It's a handy feature that I really like.

    Thanks for stopping for this special occasion!