1000th Post Celebration

I hereby declare this Silent Cacophony Day! 

Let’s observe this day as an international holiday.


Because today marks a milestone here for this blog.

This is my 1000th post.

It’s exciting to have reached this many posts in four years.

I started this blog as a vehicle to establish myself as a serious writer. I set off on a five year mission to get something published. That was my goal.

Of course, this blog became much more than I had ever expected. It became a place for me to share some of my best teaching practices. It led me to become part of a radio show and conduct several artist interviews.  That led me to create and produce a half hour radio show dedicated to the art and history of hip-hop music. 

Of course, now I realize that I am still quite a ways off from realizing my original goal. I need to start revising my writing and sending out queries. I have two works in particular that I believe will be of interest to publishers.

So far, I have enjoyed this ride immensely. I really love what I am doing and have no plans to quit.

I’d like to thank each and every visitor, reader, commenter, guest poster, and anyone who has taken the time to read my words. I could not have done this without you.

I vandalized an image from The Mega Penny Project for this post and I apologize for my blatant graffiti art. The image shows one thousand pennies formed into a cube. How could I not overlay my logo onto that for my 1000th post? I mean seriously.

Here’s to the next thousand. Thanks for being here with me.

Time to celebrate!