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Forest City London Music Awards week is happening June 6 to the 13th. There are all sort of ways you can participate and celebrate the music of London, Ontario, Canada. There are workshops, panels live stream concerts, and the gala where the awards will be handed out.

The list is very impressive this year and features some of the city’s most deserving hip-hop artists and contributors.

Hip-Hop Nominees 

  • Exit Only
  • King Cruff
  • Ngajuana
  • Strange Breed
  • Sum-01
  • Typo

Fan Favourite

  • Sum-01
  • Tha Koala


  • Danny Gable
  • Tyler Stewart

Room for Improvement

There are a few emcees missing from this list who had an incredible year in 2020 and deserved a spot at the big prize. I would have liked to have seen Shark and TempoMental in the hip-hop category.

Let’s take some time to celebrate London hip-hop!

Chase March & Strange Breed – Word is Bond Theme
TempoMental ft Exit Only & Branded Moore – No Filter
O-Beast – Anytime
Dustin Moore – Only the Best
KIV ft Ali Good – Trouble
PhonopHoniC – Up in the Air
Moore, Megaphone, & DJ Over – Started As Some Kids
Lola – Curse lf
Cyanide Spit ft Ngajuana & Mad Hattr – Keep Dreaming
SliNK ft ShysT – Casualties
Psybo – Hello Ello
King Cruff, Jag.Huligin, & Solo YT – Consolidate
Hip Hop HeadUcatorz – Each One Teach One
Ursa Nova – Oh Shit
Typewriters – Heaven
Akompliss – Better Days
SirReal – Undisputed
Ngajuana ft Shad – Unconscious
Strange Breed – This World
ShysT – My City
Traffimatics ft Mad Hattr & DJ Chase March – Y’Allreadyknow
Diztrikt Apolo – Eat My Words
DJ Alkemy, Empuls, Shark – Better Than You
Exit Only ft Mad Hattr & Ngajuana – Lost Time
Labeled Minority – Feeling Me Now
Thesis Sahib – Crawling On Your Knees
Kyle Kanevil ft Moore & Exit, A-Fos, Shanktooth – Mind of a Menace
Chokeules – Cold Effects
Backburner – In The Place
Waffle & Divinyl – Proof
Sum-01 ft Lxvndr – Girls Step-Up (MiLKCRATE remix)
Floppy Phil & Hull Kogan – The Illness 2020
Toolshed – Next Time
Bending Mouth – This . . . Undone
Soundminds – Get It
The Nicest – No Swag
Branded Moore – I Ain’t Finished Yet

I wish I could have fit more tracks and artists in. I will make up for some of those omissions next week. Stay tuned and good luck to the nominees!

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